Apna Time Bhi Aayega 23rd January 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Rani says dadi sent this milk. He says I don’t want it. You drove all the way here. You must be so tired. Veer says in heart she doesn’t even know what it means. Rani says we have rituals tomorrow. They all want to serve you. Rani says we will go back in 2 days. Veer says why don’t you understand, you are not going back. You will stay here forever. He was imagining it. Rani says where are you lost? Rani says I will close the light and come. Veer says you will sleep in this room? This was your plan to bring me here? Rani says what? Veer says you will not sleep in this room. Rani says if that’s what I wanted I would have been in your room in the city as well. I always stayed in the servant quarter. I brought you to my place. They all respect you and what is wrong with you? I was going to sleep outside anyway. The world doesn’t revolve around you. People like you can’t respect anyone. He says don’t be mad. You didn’t want to sleep in my room so I don’t want to sleep in your room. Rani gives up the mosquito net and says use it before they beat you. Veer applies mosquito net. Women says oho wedding night. Rani says go from here.

Rajmata recalls the fight between Rajeshwari and Sanjay. Vikram says dadi sa sleep please. Rajmata says I hope Veer and Rani come close to each other on this journey.

Rani says you can’t do this. Let me do this. She ties it for him. It falls down. Rani says see there.. There’s a snake. Veer screams and says I am scared of snakes. Rani says I am also scared. VEer hides behind her and says please do something. Veer says you’re from the village. Don’t you know how to handle snakes. She says I don’t live in a zoo. Rani says we can consider it a blessing. Veer says are you crazy? They both get inside the net. Rani says I can’t go out. She screams and comes close to him/ The snake is outside, Ran says you’re scared. He says you act brave all the time. Rani cries and says please save me. He covers her face and says don’t look there. Consider that only we are here, alone. Rani looks in his eyes. He says tell me stories. Rani says I didn’t have a horse, so my dad used to give me a piggy back ride on the back. When he got old,I used Pinku. He laughs.