Apna Time Bhi Aayega 24th October 2020 Written Episode Written Update

Rani cries. She recalls her moments with Ramo. Kaki comes and says what are you thinking Rani? Her bracelet falls. She says my babu ji got this gift to me. Champa says so because of your gift he had to go to jail. If he isn’t sentenced to death he will have lifetime imprisonment. Rani says you can trust him. He spent more time with you people. He considered you all family and you’re saying all this? Kaki says there are proofs against him. What can we do? She says trust him. He can never drink and especially never drink and drive. And Champa you forgot that he helped you all always. Champa says how will you prove his innocence? Tinku cries. Rani hugs him. She sees a paper and says I got the proof.

Scene 2
Rani comes to the shop he got the gift from. Rani says I have to go in. The watchman says the shop is closed. Rani says but the lights are on. He says they are doing calculations. She says I will keep sitting here. Veer sees her. He calls the shop owners and asks them to check. The owner comes out. She says my dad came here to get this bangle? He says yes, you liked it? She says yes. But he’s in trouble. He is arrested for an accident. You can tell them he was here at the time of the accident. How can he kill people? He says I can’t do this. My shop will be shut. Rani cries and says please. He leaves. Rani sits there crying.

Rani walks on the road, Veer stops her. He says have you lost it? You keep walking on the roads. Are you like Ramo.. I am sorry. She says my dad is innocent. He didn’t do anything. Look at the timestamp on this bill. He was here at the time of the accident. Veer says Vijay is doing his work. Rani says in 20 years you couldn’t be his. He trusts you with closed eyes. You can’t trust him with open eyes? Veer says enough. Everyone is lying? All proofs are fake and your paper is real only? If Ramo didn’t do it, why did he not say it? She says I am going to find that out. He says sit in the car. Let the police do what their job. Let’s go home. She says that’s not my home. My home is in my village. This must be drama for you but it’s my dad’s life. He always spoke highly of you when called. And you all left him alone. I will handle it. Thank you. She leaves.

Scene 3
Rani comes to the police station. Constable stops him. She says I want to meet my dad. He says you can’t. Rani begs and says let me meet him, please. Inspector says what is happening here? Don’t you have any manners on how to talk to girls? Let her meet her dad. Rani comes to Ramo. He says Rani.. You should go back to the village. Rani says I came here to take you home. I told everyone I will open your store. I can’t go with a vain dream. He says you can run that shop. Keep studying. He says never to stop dreaming. Ask Shanti to give you my box. Take my uniform as well, it’s my pride. Go back home. I will come in a few days. She says you named me Rani. I will do what you want but.. I need some answers. Is it true what people are saying? Did you drink and drover over people? I trust in God you can never do that. Please say it from your hands, you swear on me. You can never lie to me. Tell me what is the truth? Please tell me what happened? He says truth is that.. He tries to tell her but Rajeshwari comes there.

Vijay says Ranisa? If there was some work you could call me. She says some work needs to be done by yourself. She says Ramo is special for us. He has served us for years. But doing mistakes is human and a habit of small people. I tried a lot that my servants live like us but our worlds can’t be same. Ramo made a mistake too. Just make sure without ignoring his mistake, have mercy on him. Vijay says you’re great that you’re still standing with him. She says my task is to push people. Some people learn and succeed like you. You became an inspector you were the son of our maid and some people are behind the bars. Take care of Ramo and ensure that he has all he needs.

Rani says see Ranisa is with you now. Please tell me the truth. Dadi is waiting for you home. Please tell me the truth. He says truth is that I drank. Rani is shocked. He says I drove and did that accident. Rani is dazed. Ramo says you considered me your God, but I am a human. Rani cries. He says forgive me, I couldn’t meet your expectations. Go home, please. There’s nothing here. Rani falls. Ramo doesn’t look back. Rani leaves crying. Ramo looks at her in tears. She hears the reporters reporting the case.

Rani comes to the temple. She says our lives are so small but they are not full of lies. I heard a lie from the one who always taught me to speak the truth. Why was his tongue not with him? Why could he not look in my eyes? But I won’t give up. I know my dad is innocent. I will find out the truth. I will prove his innocence and take him home with all the respect.