Apna Time Bhi Aayega 27th November 2020 Written Episode Written Update

Women drag Rani outside the temple. Rani cries. They drag her outside. Rani says I didn’t do anything. I always prayed. He says this is our rules and this temple’s rules. Only married women can come here. Rani says the temple is for everyone, God is for everyone. Pandit ji says not a single word. Rani says my dad is in jail, my brother is in jail. Please let me go. He says take them. They take her to the temple. Veer says you can’t take law and order in your hand. Stop it. He says our rules only work here. Veer looks at Rani.

Veer and Rani are brought to the ground. People start hitting them. Rani says please give us blessings. My brother is alone, waiting for us. Please let us go. Veer says please don’t do all this. He says you have done sit. You will both be killed here with these stones and then her dead body will be given sindur so she dies as a married woman. Rani says what? I don’t want that. Please let me go. She cries.

Ramo wakes up. He says why is my heart so worried? Rani.. Is anyone here? He sees the thread on his hand open. Ramo says I hope Rani is okay. Please help her God.

People start hitting Rani and Veer. Veer tries to protect Rani. People say kill the girl first and then him. They grasp Veer and start hitting Rani. People throw stones at Rani. Veer picks sindur and fills her hairline. Rani is shocked. Veer says no one will hit her now. She’s not unmarried now. she’s my wife now. Rani Veer Singh Rajawat. Pandit ji stops everyone. rani is in shock.

Scene 2
Sanjay is worried. Rajmata says he should have been home by now. Sanjay says Veer is trying to look for him. Vikram says I told you not to send him there. Vikram says let me get him. Rajeshwari says you handle yourself. Sit there. You’re not helping. Rajmata says I should.. Rajeshwari says don’t worry. Everything will be fine. He must have gotten late on the way. If we postpone now, our reputation will be spoiled. Rani asks Nandani to sit with Kiara and says don’t her know Veer isn’t home yet. Nandani says Veer isn’t home and she cares about reputation only.

Scene 3
Veer and Rani complete the wedding rituals in the temple. Pandit ji asks them to take rounds. Rani recalls the promises she made to Ramo. Ramo is worried for her. Pinku is also waiting for Rani. Veer makes Rani wear mangalsutra. Pandit ji says you are not husband and wife. Rani and Veer walk out in shock.

Rani and Veer are in the car. Rani sits silently. She recalls always talking about studying and not marriage. Ramo said you never to marry in pressure. But once you’re married live that relationship with all your heart. Veer throws the garland on the backseat. Rani takes if off as well. Rani is in tears.