Apna Time Bhi Aayega 29th January 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Rani says you must be very happy right? Looking at Ramo’s photo. She says I always ran away from marriage and today I did bhoj in front of whole village. Veer looks for Rani. Pinku says are you okay? He says I would be okay after I talk to Rani. Birju says Baliya’s bhang won’t fail. Rani says I will come running to you. I will get you out of the village. Veer says in heart I am going to break her heart. I can’t keep her in dark. Veer says Rani? Were you crying? She says no. Rani says why are you 2? He says I am one. your fate isn’t that bad. Veer says I did all that you asked. Now you shut up. I will speak and you will listen. Birju is listening in. Dadi says what are you doing here? Come and do work with me.

Ver says I am going to leave you here. Rani is shocked. Rani says to leave you have to hold first. She laughs. Veer says this isn’t a joke. Rani imitates Rajeshwari. Veer says I can’t go against Rani sa. I can’t keep this burden. Rani sa has asked me to leave you here. I have to go. You have to spend your life here. Rani sa doesn’t want you there. I was fighting with myself. I didn’t know how to tell but I can’t hurt Rani sa anymore. I have to do wrong with you. How could I leave without telling you? I had to confront. This time will pass. He turns back. Rani is asleep. Veer says Rani.. She falls in his lap and sleeps. Veer says what is this girl. Veer says I tried to tell but I couldn’t. I will leave tomorrow. He caresses her face.

Vikram enjoys the tea. Kiara is angry. Vikram says amazing tea. She says are we reaching there in this day? I know your plan. He says let me enjoy my tea. Vikram says your patient will end but not this journey. Kiara sits in the car and says I know your plan. Do your drama. She starts the car and says come if you want to, I am leaving.

Rajeshwari recalls what Rajmata said. Rajmata comes there. Rajeshwari says you didn’t sleep? She says sit. Rajmata says when life is all dark what day and night? Rajeshwari says is all okay? Rajmata says I promised you on your wedding that I will consider you my daughter. Today I realized I couldn’t be a good mother or MIL. She says no Rajmata you always took care of me. Rajmata says this is your respect for me that is making you say this. I could never see your pain. When I got to know Sanjay is in pain I thought you are the reason but I never saw your pain. I heard everything. Forgive me, I couldn’t see your pain. I couldn’t see what you went through. Rajeshwari says I am not mad at you. Your respect will always be the same for me. I have always faced all problems with grace and I will keep the respect of this house. You know all the truth but we won’t be talking about it. Rajmata says after going through so much you are thinking about this house respect. Rajeswari says a woman is made of patience. I am Rajeshwari because of this family. Rajmata kisses her forehead and says I am proud of you.

Veer wakes up the next morning. Rani comes out. Rani looks at Veer and says should I wake him up or not? He might still be sleepy. Rani wakes up Veer. He says why do you always annoy me? Rani laughs and says you were asleep, these were cows.