Apna Time Bhi Aayega 2nd August 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Veer comes to return Rani’s kit. He sees Rajeshwari there. He says what are you doing here? want to get Rani rusticated? She says came here for some work. Thank principal says Rani sa thank you for your donation. Please come with me. Veer looks for Rani. she’s not in the exam hall. Veer is worried for her.

Rani is upstairs. Someone puts a napkin on her face. Rani faints. Veer looks for Rani. It’s Ranvijay. He says if his mother couldn’t come between us, who are you? He lights the room on fire. Rani opens her eyes. Ranvijay puts his hand on her mouth. Rani tries to fight. Veer calls Rani. He’s worried. Veer goes upstairs. Veer says Rani where are you? Rani tries to make a sound. She tries to hit Ranvijay. Veer comes outside the room and tries to open it. Ranvijay is scared. He runs. Rani isn’t in there either. Veer looks for Rani in the room. Veer says where are you Rani? Rani is locked in the closer. ranvijay jumps out of the window. His foot bleeds.

Veer calls Rani. Her phone rings in the cupboard. Veer says Rani? Are you in there? He breaks the cupboard. Rani is unconscious in there. Veer takes out Rani and says please open your eyes. Veer says Rani? Who did this? Veer gives her water. Veer says are you okay? He takes her home.

Scene 2
Jai says you’re telling me now? Champa says I don’t have time. Your wife keeps spying on you. Jai says how will I answer Nandini. I have to ask Nandini to get money.

Scene 3
Veer brings Rano home. He gives her medicine. Veer says I know who did this. I can’t let this go. I have to talk to Rani sa. Rani coughs to stop him. Veer says take water. Rani says I am fine. Veer says don’t try to stop me. Rani says don’t fight with Rani sa. Veer says I can’t let anything happen to you. Veer says pack your bags. You are not safe here. Rani says we can’t leave the house. Rani says glass, then gas, and now this? I can’t risk your life. rani says what if someone else is attacked in the house? What if everyone is in danger?

Ravijay comes to Digvijay. He says I am going to Dehli for some work. Digvijay asks what happened to your foot? Ranvijay says I went to the park and got a sprain. Digvijay says you are old now. Digvijay I am going to the airport for now. take care. Ranvijay says wish you a safe flight.

Veer says I am sure Rani sa did it. Rani says it could be for Rani sa. she got that gift. She was cooking kheer. It could have been planned for her. Veer says what about college? Only Rani sa was there. Rani says I had proof and someone wanted to take it. I had a napkin I found in the kitchen. The person who cut the pipe must have it. I wanted to match fingerprints. The person burned it. Veer says what are you saying? Stop using your mind and let’s go from here. Ranvijay says Veer, why are you being loud to her? Say sorry. rani leaves. He says be mad but don’t shout. Veer says thank you for being so nice to her dad. Rani sa never accepted her. ranvijay hugs her.

Rani calls her friend and asks if she got the CCTV. She says yes, the man you got published in the paper came to the college. rani is shocked.