Apna Time Bhi Aayega 3rd December 2020 Written Episode Written Update

Rani cries. She imagines Ramo. He hugs her. rani cries. Ramo says you got married. I couldn’t be in your wedding. See I got you bangles and a saree. Go wear them. Rani says I only want your hand in mine not these bangles. He says I have to go. choti says I want to know the truth. Choti cries. She was dreaming. Shanti wakes her up. She says it’s morning. Shanti gives her water. Champa says now we will have to serve her. Shanti says shut up. She is the DIL of this house and we are her servant. Shanti says this place isn’t for you. Your room is inside. Rani says he won’t let me stay in his room. Champa says that’s her worth. Shanti says shut up. She says come with me. She takes Rani inside.

Rani comes to the house with Shanti. Rajmata says I want to talk to Rani. She says come here. Rani comes close to her. Rajmata says where were you? Rani says I slept on the floor. I went to Veer’s room. Rajmata says Nandani what am I hearing? SIL takes the bride to the room. Nandani says it’s for SIL not a maid. she can never be our brother’s wife. Rajmata says we have to accept what’s the reality. Take her to her room. This is my order. Nandani takes Rani to the room.

Veer is sleeping on the floor. He opens the door. Rani is on the door. Veer says don’t you understand? There’s no place for you in this room. Nandani says she will live in your room. Veer says what rubbish?? Nandani says your parcel will stay with you. You married her. it’s a ritual, I will have to do it. Give me naig. He says what are you doing? Nandani says ask Rajmata. Veer gives her money. Rajmata says you are married to her. You will have to make some adjustments. She will live in this room, her own room. Rajamat and Nandani leave.

Scene 2
Kumud says to Vikram I wanted to talk about something. Veer is so upset. He isn’t talking to anyone. Vikram says I will speak to him, He can’t say no to me. Rajeshwari says Kumud do your work. Vikram focus on things that you should. Vikram says chill mom. Rajeshwari says now you have started speaking like these small people as well? Rajeshwari says to Kumud better stay in your limits. Don’t focus in our personal matters. It’s way too much. Do you understand? She says yes.

Veer says first you came into the house and now you are in my room as well. I am no way out. Rani says I also only knew to get this room cleaned. I knew every corner of this room but not as my corner. I will stay where you say. I have no plan on staying in your life. I am also following what Rajmata said. He says we will never be one. I feel suffocated in this room. We are different. In every respect. He picks his phone and laeves.

Veer comes downstairs. Rajeshwari looks away. He recalls when Rajeshwari called him son. Veer says Rani sa I wanted to.. Rajeshwari doesn’t respond to him. Kumud looks at him. Arun gives tea to Rajmata. She says is there only tea in breakfast? Arun says it’s bahu rani’s first breakfast. Rajeshwari says what rubbish. Rajmata says prepare for the breakfast. Rajmata says your anger is justified but Veer and Rani are married. They married in front of KulDevi. They married in our temple. No one wanted this. Rajeshwair says I accepted what you said that doesn’t mean I will respect relations the same way. Rajmata says this is your house. You have to take this house’s rules forward. You have to do the rituals. Rajeshwari says in heart I will remind her she’s a servant.