Apna Time Bhi Aayega 4th March 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Veer and rani come in holding the bag together. Veer says why are you looking at me like that? She says I used to be scared of you. But you have a pure heart You’re doing so much for me. Met the lawyer, taught Jai a lesson, did my bandage, helping me with the case. Thank you. He says thank you for what you did for Nandini. No one could take anyone’s blame on her. It’s time, to tell the truth. Rani says but that would break Rani sa’s trust in Nandini. We resolved it. Veer says the truth needs to come out. Rani says Nandini is very innocent. Jai manipulated her. She can’t handle the questions. He says you rest, I will come. Kiara heard everything and says I won’t let your plan work Rani.

Rajmata says why would Rani take the money? Veer comes in and says Rani didn’t take it. Rajeshwari says what do you mean? He says this was the money right? Rani didn’t take it. The money was on the side. No one could notice. Rajeshwari says why did she take the blame then? Veer says she was worried about not being able to do the responsibility. Rajmata says Rani must be hurt after all that I said. I have to apologize to her. Veer says no Rani is happy. She is glad the money is found, she isn’t mad. Rajeshwari says is this the truth or did you want to say something else? He says yes Rani sa. There’s nothing else. Rajeshwari takes the money.

She recalls what Rajeshwari said. Kiara collides with her. She picks the money. Kiara says you found the money? I thought Nandini took it. Rajeshwari says what? Kiara says nothing. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. I was going to tell her she isn’t doing right. But she was stressed out. I won’t tell anyone. Rajeshwari says what are you saying? What did Nandini do? Kiara says Nandini stole this money for Jai. Rajeshwari is shocked. Kiara says I thought you know everything in this house. I am glad Veer and Rani handled it well. They have to handle it all anyway. Rajeshwari is shocked. She recalls Veer lying. Kiara leaves. She says so much happened and now Veer and Rani are hiding things from me?

Kiara says to Rani thank you bhabhi sa. You didn’t tell mom. Rani says you’re my sister. I had to do it for you. Nandini says if mom found out she would.. Rani says no one would know. Please don’t do this again. Nandini says never. Jai called me. He said he needed help. I shouldn’t have done this. Rani says all is good now. Tell me if he annoys you again. I won’t leave him. Nandini says you’re so nice. Rani hugs her. She says take care. Nandini says thank God if Veer and Rani weren’t there, mom would kill me. Rani leaves.

Rajeswari comes there and slaps Nandini. Nandini says mom please listen. She drags Nandini downstairs. Veer says Rani sa.. she says no one will speak now. She says Kumud I want all servants here. Everyone should see what’s going to happen. Nandini says mom, please. Rajeshwari says shut up. I am ashamed. Where did your class go? Is this why I sent you to the best school, the best college? Kept you away from the low-class people. At least think about your family but madam had to steal in her own house. Rani and Veer are shocked. Nandini looks at Rani. Rajmata says Rajeshwari calm down. This could be confusing. We can talk and resolve it. Rajeshwari says this isn’t confusion, I am not here to talk but to tell my decision. No one dared to do this in my house. You stole money from our house and gave it to that fraud Jai? All sins like these must be punished. I will set an example, no one will dare to do it again in this house. You will not step out of this without my permission. What do you think money grows on trees that you stole? As pocket money, you will be given 100 rupees only every day. You will take this money from Rani since it’s her responsibility. Not just this, you have to give a calculation of where did you spend that money. Every evening to Rani. This way you will know value of every penny.

Nandini says mom please one chance. Rajeshwari says I have told my decision already. Nandini leaves. Veer says Rani sa.. All of this. She says you have hurt me along with Nandini. You lied to me. Veer says I am sorry Rani sa. Rani says I should apologize. I told him not to tell anyone. Rajeshwari says Veer anyone would ask you and you lied to me? You always said I didn’t consider you my son. Did you ever consider me your mom? No son keeps his mom in dark. You have hurt me a lot. She leaves. Veer recalls her words. He gets teary. He sits down crying. Rani sits with him. Vikram goes there.. Rajmata says let Rani handle him. We need to see Nandini.

Veer says how can Rani sa say this? I did everything for her all my life. How can I hurt her? He cries. Rani calms him down. Rani wipes his tears and says in anger people say things they don’t mean. He says I would be okay if she said she doesn’t consider me her son. I would be okay. But she said I don’t consider her my mom? I made a mistake. I shouldn’t have lied to her. I have hurt her. I have to apologize to her. I have to tell her she is the most important for her. Rani says in heart, it’s my promise I will solve all your troubles.