Apna Time Bhi Aayega 5th April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Sanjay says we will get you out of here. Rajeshwari says to Veer you did what you had to but this was right. Veer says I will get you out here that’s my promise. She is in tears. Veer leaves.

Rani gets a call. She says babu ji. He says are you crying? She says no my throat hurts. He says is everything okay? Rani cries. Media comes to ramo’s place and asks him questiosn. He says about what? Media says Rajeshwari says is arrested in the case you were caught in. Ramo is shcoked.

Lights go off in the house. Two men come in. Servant asks who are you? They say Rani madam called us to fix electricity issue. They go inside a room and pick someone.
Rajmata is worried for Rajeshwari. She recalls what Sanjay did to her. Kumud brings her food. She says I am not hungry. Kumud says you need meds. Rajmata says you don’t need to care about that. Don’t interfere in our family matters. You have done a lot of mistakes already. Kumud says my one mistake defines me. I have served this family for 20 years, did everything for Rajeshwari and kids. But when you look at me you only see that mistake. rajmata masks her to leave.Nandini shouts Rani.. Rajmata says why are you talking like that? Nandini says she’s a fruad. She is behind all this. I will show her the right place to her. Birju comes in and says enough. Birju claps and says better speak as per your mind. Your mom killed people and you’re shouting at Rani? We don’t live to pay for your sins. Nandini says don’t interfere in our family matters. Rajmata says enough. Birju you’re Rani’s friend but you can’t talk like this here. We are already worried.

Rajeshwari says can I get a hand fan? The constable says shut up and sit there. Other prisoners sit at her place. Rajeshwari says this is my place. They laugh at her and say this is jail. No one is Rani is here. Should we get AC for you? They laugh at her. Rajeshwari says this place is mind. The prisoner says we rule here.

Nandini says Rani recorded the video and sent it to the police so she can take mom’s place. Rani can do anything. Birju says not a single word against Rani. Veer says behave, you’re talking to my sister. Nandini says Rani sent the video to the police. Why did she do this to mom? She’s responsible for all this. Veer says I know you’re hurt but Rani didn’t do anything. I know here more than anyone. Nandini says she has made you blind. She has to answer me. Birju says where is Rani? He says Rani come out. Where are you? Kumud says she’s nowhere. not even in her room. Veer calls her but she isn’t picking. Birju says Ramo isn’t picking call either.

Veer and servants look around for Rani. Birju says you did this. You got her kidnapped. Veer says she’s my wife. Rajmata says Veer behave. Veer says if you can’t help then let us find her. Birju says you wanted to get rid of her. Kiara says a lot of people wanted to get rid of her. I am sorry Rajmata but I am worried for Nandini. She came crying to me. Veer says how is she? Kiara says Nandini is right about Rani. Veer says I don’t believe the wrong.

Veer gets a video call from the kidnapper. He’s shocked. Veer says Rani.. talk to me. Kidnapper says Rani sa should be out of jail or you will die. Veer says she will be out but who are you? He says we have old things to deal with her. I will kill Rani. Everyone is shocked.