Apna Time Bhi Aayega 5th May 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Rani says my heart is so full. I have to tell him this time. She goes out. Kiara sees her leaving and says Rani. Where are you going? Rani says water.. Kiara sees her sindur and says what the hell? Veer wakes up and says Kiara is shouting. Kiara says what is this? What are you hidnig? Veer asks what happened? Kiara says she’s wearing sindur again. Veer says it’s her choice. She can wear whatever she wants. Kiara says it’s not fashion. This sindur can’t be a lie. Are you married? These people always lie. Veer says she doesn’t need to answer you. I brought her here not you. She’s my responsibility. Kiara says you’re talking to me like that for this maid? Veer says shut up. Rani stops him. Kiara leaves. Veer says enough. I have to tell her. I can’t see her behaving with Rani like this. I have to talk to Kiara.

Veer calls the senior doctor. He says I have to tell Kiara. We can’t tolerate this. He says this will reverse her treatment. We can’t tell her. There is no option. Veer says I don’t know what to do. Rani has to suffer so much. Rani looks at Veer and says are you okay? He says I am not because you’re not. Rani says these are just circumstances. Veer says we can change them. Rani says she’s not wrong. She doesn’t know how special this sindur is for me. I feel incomplete without her but I can’t say all that to Kiara. Veer says you have to suffer because of me. First kidnapping now all this. I promise you I will tell Kiara everything. Rani says you are with me. I am not worried about anything. I just want her to do well. Rani goes to her room.

Kiara gets ready. She says Champa bring my dress. Champa drops her dress that was bruned. Kiara sees it and she’s shocked. Kiara screams.. Champa says Rani ruined your dress? Kiara goes to Rani in anger. Kiara says what is this Rani? You burned my dress. This is more expensive than your 10 years’ salary. Veer says stop it, Kiara. Kiara says no not today. You can’t save her today. She can’t work and she ruined my whole dress. Vikram says don’t take the stress. You’re not well. Kiara says this maid has made me stressed. Birju shouts enough. Kiara says who are you? He says forgot me already? Veer says listen.. Birju says I heard everything. Kiara says who are you? You look low class like Rani and Champa. Birju says have you lost your mind? And Veer you.. Rani says listen. Birju says you always ask me to understand but these people are always unfair to you. Birju says to Veer you risked your life and worked day and night to save Rani to make her work as a maid? I thought you will take care of her.. You promised to Rani. But no. See how you are treating her. I am ashamed. Kiara says what is he saying? Birju says you married to only lie? Kiara says what? She faints..

Veer checks Kiara. Her pulse is low. Rani says to Birju your anger will ruin everything. Why did you have to say everything? You should have asked me at least. He says I didn’t do anything wrong. I can’t let them be unfair to you. What is all this story? Rani tells him everything. She says this is all a drama to keep her well. Birju says oh God. What did I do? Veer comes. Rani asks how is Kiara? He says she’s still unconscious. Birju says forgive me. I made a mistake. Veer says your reaction wasn’t wrong, the circumstances are.

Vikram gives juice to Kiara. He asks how do you feel? Kiara says what is this villager saying? Are you married Veer? Vikram says no what wedding.. You fainted. This man got angry. Veer says you fainted. You shouldn’t take rest. Birju says I said stupid things in anger. Kiara says Veer please tell me the truth. Jai says tell her you didn’t, birju married Rani. Veer is shocked. jai says Birju was talking about himself. He married Rani, he took her responsibility and he failed. Kiara says but why would he say that of Veer? Birju says Veer got them married so it’s his responsibility. Everything mixed up in the anger. But the truth is that Birju and Rani are married. Everyone is shocked.