Apna Time Bhi Aayega 7th April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Jai says Rani Veer is bowing down me and you can’t do anything. Nandini calls him and says where are you?
He takes off his mask and it’s Jai. He says I am doing an important thing, keeping an eye on Rani. Nandini says did you kidnap her? He says you said do something. I did. Nandini says I wanted you to help not to do this. He says I am helping Veer. Nandini says I will tell Veer. Jai says if you tell him Rani will benefit from it. He says I am doing all of this for you and Rani sa.

Rajmata calls Sanjay and says is anything working? He says I am trying to connect with the minister. How is everyone in the house? Rajmata says everything is okay. He says are you hiding something? She says no. You focus on your meeting with the minster.

Veer comes home. Rajamta says where is Rani? Veer says they took rani somwhere else. He gave us 48 hours. I don’t know what to do. rajmata cries. She says you have to save her Veer. Bring her back home. rajmata cries. Ramo calls Birju. He says I have to go. I will call you later. Veer says take care of him and let us know if he needs anything. Birju says let me know if there’s any info about Rnai. Rajmata cries. Veer says I will bring Rani back don’t worry.

Kiara says Rajmata please eat. Kumud says Rani sa always said food is important to get to the goals we want to go to. Please eat Veer. Veer says dadi sa please eat. Veer says I see no way out. He says please eat dadi sa. Kumud says when Veer didn’t eat in childhood I would hide food in his toys and he would eat. Kumud says please eat a little bit. Veer says stop it. Veer says I am sorry for being rude but I can’t think of anyone but Rani and Rani sa at this time. Kumud leaves.

Rani says Veer has to get to me. I have to go back for my family. Kumud cries. Rajmata comes there. She says Rajmata do you need anything? I will bring the parathas. Rajmata says I had to come. You can’t handle yourself and you were consoling everyone. I was wrong. I couldn’t see you beyond your mistake. You have always wanted happiness for this family. You have a good character and heart. How did you do that mistake? She says my hands are tied. I can’t tell you the truth. I can only apologize. Please forgive me for what I did. rani sa brought me to this house and I don’t know what condition she is in today. You all are my family. I always wanted this family to be happy.
Prisoners shout for food. Rajeshwari looks at the food. It stinks. She says there are hair in the food. Take it back. The constable says don’t eat then. Prisoners laugh at her and say eat or die hungry.
Jai says we will see if your husband comes or not. rani says he will come for sure.

Veer calls his people to arrange something. He recalls his moments with Rani. He hears voice. Vikram says do I look chochak? Veer says what is this? Vikram says I got you samosas. Veer says I don’t want anything. Vikram says eat the samosa. He speaks like Rani. Vikram says you have to eat for Rani, Veer eats it. Vikram says entire police is looking for Rani. Don’t worry. We will find her soon.