Apna Time Bhi Aayega 7th December 2020 Written Episode Written Update

Vikram hugs Veer. He says I love you so much, you’re perfect. Whatever happened, it has made you so upset. It wasn’t Rani’s mistake. Veer says when I see her face I remember how saving her life ruined everything in my life and all my relationships were over. Vikram says think about yourself as well. You stood with Rani and said what is right. Veer says the only moment of my life was when Rani sa called me. She held my hand, I made her upset. I am alone again. Vikram says if you feel alone while having a family it’s not yours. You can share anything with me. If anyone is suffering the most, it’s Rani. She came here from her home and is suffering so much.

Rani wear the dress Rajmata sent her. She tries to get dressed. Veer comes in. Rani hides. Veer says sorry. Lock the door. Rani says how can I lock your room? He says don’t do this drama. Make sure you don’t hurt Rani sa. And I have no interest in these rituals. Take this food and eat it and this medicine. rani says I won’t hurt Rani sa. Rani says my only medicine is babu ji’s freedom. You can only do it. Veer leaves.

Vijay calls Veer. He says I have no other way. Ramo doesn’t know what happened. He keeps asking what happened to Rani. Veer says I will handle it.

Scene 2
Rani comes donwstairs. Rajamta smiles. Rajmata says are you okay? Rani says I wore allthis for the first time. Rajmata says everything will be fine. Rani does ghunghat. Rajeshwari comes. Rajmata says where are guests? She says I can’t call our people, they were expecting Kiara. I can’t show them a servant and embarrass oursevles. But guests will be of her worth. She says come in all and do munh dikhai. All servants come in. Nandani says come fast. Shanti and Kumud do her ritual. Kumud gives her a small naig. Rani touches her feet. Rajeshwari says count the notes. Rani says 1150. Rajeshwari says as cheap as your face. Let me do the formality as well. Rajmata says you look very pretty. She gives her a necklace. Nandani gives her a voucher for salon and says you will need it. Rajeshwari says I am Rajeshwari, I will do what I want. She gives her a box. Rajeshwari says here’s munh dikhai of our forced relationship. She gives her bangles. rajeshwari says now the real relationship’s gift. Rajeshwari gives her a mop. She puts the bin in her lap and says the dirt is in the house now. Have to clean it. rani recalls Ramo saying elders being mad at you is also their blessing. Rani touches her feet and says give me blessings. Rani says I will clean this house. I don’t see a difference between humans.

Kiara comes in and says I also have a gift. Nandani says Kiara bhabhi, I am sorry. Kiara says you can also call me Kiara. I had to give a gift to Rani as well. Consider this my last wish Rani sa. Rajeshwari nods. Kiara walks to Rani. Veer comes. Kiara says don’t feel awkward. She’s your wife now. You filled her hairline. I want do to her munh dikhai with you. Veer says don’t do all this. Kiara asks him to sit next to Rani. Kiara says sit please. Kiara says you said that day you feel guilty and bad. I thought what to do to take your guilt away. So I got the idea of this special gift. Congrats Veer and Rani, you will live your life with freedom now. She opens a bottle of poison and drinks it. Everyone is shocked. Nandani and Rajeshwari run to her. Rani says open your eyes. What did you do. Veer looks at the bottle. He’s shocked.