Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2 27th January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Priya asking Shivi is she ready to end everything. Vedika brings Ram home. Ram says I will go to my room. She says I will take you. Shivi says you chose the right man, the perfect man, but I couldn’t. She goes. Priya sees Vedika taking Ram to the room. Vedika shuts the door. She thinks I m prepared this time, I will get you, Priya will get that message, and everything will end. Ram asks where is Priya.

Vedika cries and talks to Ram. She says I left you for Shashi, I m sorry, I feel there is a reason that we are together on your birthday. Adi, Brinda and Priya come in. Brinda says happy birthday and hugs Ram. She says thanks Vedika for planning all this for Ram on my saying. She asks Shashi to come. Shashi comes and hugs Ram. He wishes Ram happy birthday. He says this year is special, its a new start for me also, forget everything now. Brinda says yes, we always end Ram’s birthday together. Adi asks Ram to cut the cake fast, its his fav cake. Ram cuts the cake and feeds it to Priya. Brinda takes their pics. Shashi says I have kept a Lohri party at my bungalow, I want you and Priya to come, Ram kept a party after Vedika and my marriage, now its my turn, you have to come. Brinda recalls meeting Shashi. She says I don’t like you. He says I know. She says yes, we want to remove Vedika from Ram’s life. Shashi says I was thinking the same. She asks what’s the plan. He says I will throw a Lohri party. She says fine, come with me, take your wife. FB ends. Brinda says we will surely come. Shashi says I want to become a good husband like Ram for Vedika. Brinda says we will unite you. Ram says I don’t think its the right time. Brinda says Shivi will feel better, don’t worry, plan done.

Mahender looks for the number plate. Raj asks what are you finding. Mahender says its good if I don’t get it. Priya gets the number plate. Ram comes. She gets hurt. He cares for her. He apologizes to her. Raj sees the cheque. He says tell me what to do, I will do the work, we can buy a new house, don’t tell me you care for your daughters. He worries. Ram sees Priya’s wound and worries. She says its okay. He asks her to come. He drinks the kada. They have a talk.

They have a moment. He does the aid to her wound. Tose naina…plays…. He thinks Akki is your brother, don’t defend him if he is wrong, I m afraid that I may lose you. Vedika says Ram’s habits have changed. Tarun says I don’t know. She thinks I know Ram will eat aloo parathas and then not go for Lohri function. Everyone comes to have breakfast. Nandini consoles Shivi. Ram comes. Nandini says I have decided that Ram and Priya celebrate their first Lohri. Ram says no need. Nandini says I have three kids, I have to see all. Ram says I don’t want to go, Shivi’s happiness is imp. She says I will never forgive Akki for wrong, but I promised you, I will keep my promise, go to Shashi’s house and celebrate. Vedika gets angry.

Priya saves Ram and meets with an accident. Ram hugs her and shouts I love you Priya

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