Bahu Begum 25th November 2019 Written Episode Written Update

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Episode starts with Shayra telling Noor that everything was going good, don’t know whose bad sight fell on them. Noor tells her that they shall shift Azaan to city hospital, says she is feeling strange here. Azaan says let his report come and tells that Azaan is her love, husband and the only reason for her survival. Noor thinks even me. Doctor is transplanting something in Azaan’s mouth while taking out his real tooth. Noor is about to see, but couldn’t see. Doctor transplants chip in his mouth in place of his tooth and signs Adil. Adil smiles. Nurse comes out and tells Shayra that they can’t tell anything and asks Noor to bring the medicine. Shayra asks her to go. Adil comes out of OT holding flowers in his hand and tells that he went to dargah to get blessings from Azaan and her. He gives her bouquet sitting on his knees, saying it is dargah flowers. He asks her to smile. Noor comes to take her phone and looks at Adil. She gets Mashuqa’s call and goes to side to attend it. She tells that she is going to get medicine for Azaan. Mashuqa asks who is with Shayra. Noor says Adil. Nurse comes out and tells that Azaan is fine now and tells that they have done all the test. Shayra says if I can meet him now. Nurse says yes. Adil asks Nurse to stop her. He tells Shayra that he is very happy today as God fulfilled his prayers and asks her to go to dargah and fulfill his mannat. Shayra thanks him and goes.

Adil smiles and dances, khalnayak song plays….He dances crazily. Ward boy informs him that Noor is coming. Adil stops dancing and hides. Noor thinks where is Shayra and Adil? She calls Shayra, but her phone is with Adil. Noor thinks why she is not picking her call. Other nurse asks Noor to meet Azaan. Noor goes to the ward. Azaan is semi conscious and calls Shayra. He then opens his eyes. Noor goes to call Shayra. She calls her repeatedly and thinks why her phone is busy. Adil pretends to talk to Shayra and tells that he has reached, tells that nobody will doubt on them, asks her to go first and then he will go. Noor is shocked. Adil turns to her and says he was talking to his driver. Noor comes back to Azaan hearing him calling Shayra. She says Shayra is coming. Azaan asks where is Shayra? Shayra comes there? Azaan gets up. Adil comes there and makes Shayra slip in his arms. Azaan closes his eyes in pain to see her in his arms. Shayra comes to Azaan and cries, says she was very worried. She asks what happened and apologizes to him. She asks him to talk to her and clear the misunderstandings. Noor asks Azaan to clear the misunderstanding. Adil presses a remote, and recalls Doctor telling that he can do anything to the patient, with the chip in his jaw. He presses the remote and Azaan feels pain in his head. Shayra shouts calling Doctor. Doctor comes and tells that his pain is mental and gives him injection. Shayra asks Azaan to calm down. The corrupt doctor tells that he kept him under observation and has to do more test. Adil asks Shayra to come out and takes her out. Noor looks at them.

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