Balika Vadhu 2 23rd September 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Maadi Baa asking Anandi to make Laapsi. Anandi says even I like it. Sejal says I will make. Maadi Baa says it is Anandi’s Chula pujan and asks Anandi to go and make it. Anandi says she didn’t know where are the stuffs kept in the kitchen and don’t know how to make it. Diwari says I will tell you and you will learn it fast. Sejal worries for Anandi and tries to go, but Maadi Baa stops her and asks her not to become Maa, and just be the saas. Sejal asks Baa if Thakur ji will have bhog. Maadi baa says yes. Sejal says I will ask Anandi to take bath first. Maadi says why you didn’t tell me before and says make her have bath and then make Laapsi, without your help. Sejal goes from there. Diwari tells Anandi that she has kept everything needed to make the laapsi and asks her to get back on work fast. Sejal comes there. Diwari says Anandi has to make it alone. Sejal says Anandi shall take a bath before making laapsi. Diwari says Anandi has already taken bath and asks Sejal to go. Anandi opens the canister and thinks what Baa does first, to make laapsi. She takes the wheat Rawa and thinks she has to add all for everyone, else Maadi Baa will get angry. She puts all the wheat Rawa and thinks how to add water now. Diwari looks at her and smiles. She thinks this cooker will blast at anytime and I am waiting for it to blast. Anandi tries to close the cooker and checks the time 1:15 pm. She thinks to ask Diwari to close the cooker lid. She comes out, but Diwari hides. Anandi thinks I have to find some way and goes back to kitchen. She tries to close the lid and her fingers get stuck between the handles. She shouts calling Baa. Diwari thinks laapsi will not be made so easily, remember your Baa and Nani. She smiles. Anandi keeps the cooker and lights the lighter. The gas sparks. Anandi gets scared seeing the cooker overflowing. Kanku comes there and sits on the swing, asks if they want to have apple. Maadi Baa says no. Sejal asks her to get apple from fridge. Diwari stops Kanku and asks what are you doing here? Kanku says she came to get apple. Diwari says I will bring. Maadi Baa calls her and she goes. Kanku comes to the kitchen and switches off the gas. She then writes on the notepad and could write just half procedure. Diwari comes there and sees Kanku taking apple. Anandi thinks what to do? She has no phone to call Baa. She comes out and tells Diwari that she wants to go to bathroom. Diwari asks her to wash her hands and come. Anandi comes to Jigar and asks him to make a call to Baa. He refuses. She says please. Jigar calls Ratan, but she is busy cooking and don’t pick the call. Anandi asks using the voice search, how to make Laapsi. Jigar comes back and takes his phone before Anandi could see the full video. Anandi thinks to make it, as she saw. She hides seeing Diwari and thinks how to make her go.

Diwari is waiting for Anandi to come. Anandi distracts Diwari and throws the showpiece on the floor. Diwari turns to look at it and goes there. Anandi manages to go to the bathroom. Diwari asks Anandi why she took so much time. Anandi says water was coming slowly from the tap. She searches for ghee and finds it on the shelve. She tries to climb up and falls down. She gets up and manages to climb up and get the ghee can. She then adds jaggery and ghee in it. She thinks how much time, it will take to make. Sejal massages Maadi Baa’s feet and tells Sejal that she wants to drink water. Maadi Baa asks Sejal to drink water from there itself, and asks Kanku to bring water from jug. Kanku brings water for Sejal. Sejal drinks water. Kanku and Sejal worry for Anandi. Anandi prays to God to help her and says if she fails today then will get scolded by Maadi Baa.

Voiceover: The worst effect of child marriage is on the girl child. Meaningless and illogical traditions are put on her at an early age, for which she is not prepared physically and mentally.