Balika Vadhu 2 5th January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Anand checking the footage again. He says someone has manipulated our cctv. He goes. Jigar says Anandi is my wife, I have to find her. Bhairavi hears Vikrant and Kiara talking. Kiara makes an excuse. She says we shall find Anandi. Someone comes to Anandi with a knife. She gets shocked. Anand says video footage is tampered, there is no poly bag there. He gets Anandi’s bracelet on the ground. He says the person knows about the cameras placements, who can kidnap her, Jigar is Anandi’s husband, it can’t be him. Jigar removes the hood. Anandi says please leave me. He says you will leave this city and also friendship with Anand. She says you will blackmail your wife. He says yes, if you have to go out from here, then accept my conditions. She says you have gone mad, how long will you do this. He says until I want, I m your husband. She shouts. He says try to understand. She cries and recalls his drama. Diya says we should tell Jigar, its his right to know about Anandi. Anand says no, trust me, I will tell her once I find out.

Jigar says accept my condition, everything will be fine between us. Anandi says husband and wife are equal, no one can have an upper hand. He says you always teach me, please stop seeing that Anand. He shows the mangalsutra and tries to make her wear it. She throws it away. He says this acting won’t help you, you are alone here. She says you think police will not come here. He says no one can harm me, I will just shed some tears and they will believe me. Anand and Diya go to the nearby shop. They see the cctv footage. They see someone. Anand says its Jigar, I have seen him wearing this watch. She asks how can you say this, how will we prove its Jigar’s watch. He gets the car number. He calls someone and asks for the car details.

Jigar says I m possessive for you, I don’t like your and Anand’s friendship, forget him and focus on us. She asks for water. He makes her drink. She asks for food. He says I will come in sometime. He ties her back. Anand says Devgarh, I heard this name, Anandi has a connection there, I will go and find her. Diya comes to the room and sees Vikrant. Kiara hides. Jigar says what should I do, my wife is kidnapped, I should look worried. Prem and Sejal pack the bags and leave. Diya asks what happened, did I catch you. Vikrant makes excuses. Anandi breaks the glass. She takes a glass piece to cut the rope. Jigar fake cries. Bhairavi says Anandi will be back soon, Anand will find her. Jigar says Anand is helping us a lot, I should say thanks to him. Anand reaches Devgarh and goes to find the house. Anandi gets free. She shouts for help.

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