Banni Chow Home Delivery 10th December 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Banni tries to break the window open and get out of the house. Tulika trapped between fire thinks why fire-proof gel is not working on her. She realizes its a different bottle and pleads for help. Hemant recalls how he change a gel bottle. Banni breaks the window rods, gets out of room, and runs to save Tulika. Yuvan acting as Kabir reaches Hemant and asks where is Tulika, does he want to kill her like he killed Vandana. Hemant knowing about Banni’s plan thinks Yuvan is acting as Kabir on Banni’s order. He starts his emotional drama and says he loved Vandana immensely, why would he kill her; he loves Vananda and Yuvan immensely even now and wouldn’t think of harming them. He says Banni is the one who wants to kill Tulika and asks him to go and and save Tulika.

Banni reaches Tulika, pulls her out of the fire trap and herself gets trapped in fire. Hemant takes Yuvan there and is shocked to see Banni trapped instead. Rathore family also reaches there and gets worried for Banni. Tulika runs away to get help. Banni pleads Yuvan to save her and reminds him Hemanth’s conspiracies. Hemant stops Yuvan and warns Banni to stop manipulating his son. Yuvan recalls a childhood incident where he watches Hemant burning Vandana in a fit of rage accusing her of having an affair with her guru and giving birth to Bunty/Tulika. He shouts in anger and pushes Hemant away.

Rathore family and Tulika return. Yuvan reveals that he remembers how Hemant killed Vandana. He rescues Banni from fire and hugs her. Veer asks Viraj why Yuvan is hugging Banni. Viraj says he is Yuvan

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