Banni Chow Home Delivery 12th December 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Devraj gets emotional during Charmie’s babyshower ceremony. Yuvan asks why is he crying when he is getting a great grandson. Devraj hopes Bannni and Yuvan also give him good news soon and informs that he has arranged Banni and Yuvan’s wedding in a proper way next week. Charmie asks where is Banni. Myra says she will go and b ring her. Yuvan says he will go and bring his Banni down. Devraj prays god to protect Yuvan and Banni from evil eyes. Tulika passes by behind him.

Yuvan stares at Banni while she gets ready. She feels shy and hopes any evil eye doesn’t fall on their love. He holds her hand and hugs her. Banni asks him to promise that he will never hold her hand. He asks what if he changes his words. Yuvan writes down on a paper that Yuvan Singh Rathore belongs to only Banni from hereon his whole life. Banni asks what will happen with just a piece of paper. Yuvan writes it on a bond paper and asks her to sign it. Banni says she was just joking. Yuvan says his love is not a joke and asks her to sign it to prove her love. She signs.

Devraj asks Veer when will their lawyer bring Tulika and Kabir’s divorce papers. Veer says in 2-3 days. Devraj calls Tulika and says Kabir made a joke out of wedding and got married to Tulika, Kabir was mentally unstable and hence their wedding isn’t valid, though he will get her and Kabir divorced legally and let her live in peace. Tulika nods yes but starts crying once he leaves. Yuvan romances Banni. She feels shy and runs away. Tulika thinks she should reveal her mehandi night’s truth to Banni, but doesn’t feel courageous enough.

Banni walks down and performs Charmie’s baby shower ritual. Tulika walks away from there. Yuvan notices her and tries to inform Banni, but seeing her busy himself follows Tulika and finds her feeling unwell. He asks her if she is okay. Tulika says she is fine. Yuvan asks if he shall call a doctor. Tulika says its okay, she already got her tests done and would manage. Yuvan goes to bring juice for her. Tulika recalls Kabir getting intimate with her. Yuvan returns with juice.

Vrinda performs Charmie’s ritual and says she wants a grandchild like Banni. Alpana says then there would be complaints each day from child’s school. Vrinda says Banni shouts stop being violent as she will also become a mother soon. Yuvan apologizes Tulika for putting her into trouble. Tulika thinks Yuvan gave her most beautiful moments of her life. Yuvan leaves. Tulika thinks if she should inform him what happened between her and Kabir. Yuvan returns to Banni and signals her romantically again.

Alpana, Vrinda, and Myra dance on Gudnaal Ishq Meetha song.. Yuvan and Banni join them. Tulika eagerly waits for her lab reports. Watchman receives lab reports and walks towards Tulika when Tulika feels uneasy and walks away. He searches for her. Banni goes aside to correct her dress. Watchman hands over report to her. Banni thinks if something happened to Tulika and is shocked to learn that Tulika is pregnant.

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