Banni Chow Home Delivery 19th December 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Doctor informs Banni that they couldn’t save Tulika, but her baby is absolutely fine. Banni recalls Tulika taking her promise to take care of the baby. She receives baby from nurse. Kabir panics when Tulika doesn’t open eyes. Doctor asks who is he and why did he enter a restricted area. Kabir shouts he is Tulika’s husband and threatens doctor with a scalpel. Doctor reveals that Tulika chose her baby over here life. Kabir determines to end a baby because of whom he lost Tulika. He then blames Banni for letting Tulika die for a baby and says he will kill even Banni. Banni hears him and thinks she heard wrong, he is Yuvan and Kabir. She then observes his body language and realizes he is Kabir.

Dr. Sanjay informs that Yuvan turned into Kabir and is blaming her and baby for Tulika’s death. Kabir searches for Banni and baby. Dr. Sanjay reveals that Kabir has returned permanently and trying to revive Yuvan would be harmful for Yuvan. Viraj calls Vrinda and informs her that Charmie is coming to hospital to meet Tulika and asks how is Tulika. Vrinda says she doesn’t know. Alpana reaches hospital after handling crowd and asks about Yuvan. They notice Yuvan searching for Banni and baby. Dr. Sanjay informs them that he is Kabir and not Yuvan. Kabir points a scalepl at Dr. Sanjay’s neck and asks where is Tulika’s baby.

Dr. Sanjay lies that Tulika had incurred a severe trauma because of which her baby also was born dead. Banni recalls convincing Dr. Sanjay to lie that Tulika’s baby was born dead. Kabir says god did justice and killed Tulika’s one enemy. Banni runs out of hospital. Charmie notices her. Banni informs her that the baby is Tulika’s and she should leave Jodhpur before Kabir finds her and tries to kill baby. Kabir determines to kill Banni. Devraj tries to stop him but fails. Banni reaches home and packs her bags hurriedly. Vishnu asks where is she going. She explains him the whole situation and says she wants to save Tulika’s baby and fulfill the promise made to her. She stands shocked seeing Kabir.

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