Banni Chow Home Delivery 1st December 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Tulika and Dr. Sanjay continue Yuvan’s brain mapping and question him. Yuvan recalls his mamma’s fire accident and gets out of control. Tulika tells Banni that they need to stop Yuvan’s test right here as it may adversely affect his mental health. Dr. Sanjay says she is right and stops the session. Out of Yuvan’s room, Banni tells Tulika that Dr Sanjay told him that chances of Kabir’s return are high until Yuvan completely recalls incident behind his mental trauma as same incident is the reason for Kabir’s birth.

A masked person enters Yuvan’s room and tries to manipulate a monitoring machine, but stops seeing someone coming. Banni returns to Yuvan’s room and finds him missing. Yuvan visits Tulika’s cabin and tells her that since she is related to his past trauma, he fears Kabir will return whenever she comes in front of him. He thanks her for helping him and Banni and requests her not to come in front of him often. Banni hears that and says he shouldn’t ignore Tulika’s immense help. Tulika says Banni is right, her presence can trigger Kabir’s entry, so she will not interfere between Banni and Yuvan. She walks aside and cries. Once they all 3 leave, masked person walks behind them.

Back home, Yuvan gets Tulika’s name tattoo removed from his hand. Tulika breaks down and and writes Kabir with her blood on a paper. Banni supports Yuvan, holding his hand. Yuvan says Tulika’s tattoo is very important for Kabir and he wants Banni to emotionally support him during this tough decision. Agastya meets Tulika and says she must be feeling pain without Kabir. Tulika says she is a doctor and just performed her duty. Agastya says however Kabir’s behavior towards his family was, he truly loved Tulika and she will never get such a true life again in life, so she should think of getting back her love.

Banni applies ointment on Kabir’s tattoo injury and reveals her next plan to him. Next morning, she takes Yuvan to temple and informs that she has taken permission from temple management to check photos of that year’s shivratri event. Agastya tells Tulika about the same and says Kabir may return after watching the album. Banni and Yuvan check the album. A masked man spreads smoke and runs away snatching album from them.

Tulika’s inner voice provokes her to not give up her love so easily and get back Kabir. Tulika says she promised Banni. Inner voice says everything is fair in love and war, she should go and snatch back Kabir from Banni. Banni runs behind masked man and throws a coconut on him. Man falls down from stairs and escapes in his bike.

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