Banni Chow Home Delivery 26th November 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Yuvan regains his memory after he collapses watching Banni and Agastya’s marriage. He calls Banni. Banni gets happy seeing his memory back. Yuvan says he was feeling as if someone was strangulating him and he asking some Kabir to leave him. He notices wedding set up and asks what is happening here. Banni says its their real marriage today. Devraj, Agastya, and others stand silent. Yuvan emotionally says his dream of spending his life with Banni is coming true, but he didn’t know about it.

Banni asks him not to think much and just marry her. She thanks Agastya for supporting him and says her Yuvan returned because of his help and she is going to marry him. She pulls gathbandhan cloth from Agastya and fixes it on herself and Yuvan. She then walks to mandap holding Yuvan’s hand. Family looks tensed. Banni asks panditji to start changing mantras again and get them married as per rituals.

Agastya says Yuvan cannot marry Banni. Yuvan asks why. Agastya says Kabir within Yuvan can return and harm his family and Banni. Yuvan ask show can he be Kabir and how can he harm his family and Banni. Agastya says Kabir already tried to kill Banni once and threatened his family, his family is afraid of him now and doesn’t love him. Banni asks Agastya to stop. Agastya shows Tulika and says she is Kabir’s lady love and shows Tulika’s tattoo on Yuvan’s wrist. Yuvan says he doesn’t now who Kabir is. Banni says that is not important now.

Devraj says its time to reveal the truth and informs Yuvan that he has a split personality named Kabir within him who hates Banni and loves Tulika. He describes whole story till now. Yuvan shatters hearing that. Banni supports Yuvan and asks him to go to his room and rest. Agastya says truth is Yuvan doesn’t deserve Banni as life partner who can even kill Banni. Yuvan refuses to believe him. Tulika says its true. Agastya asks her to tell truth. Tulika says Kabir took her from clinic and gave her hypnotic medicine and when she gained consciousness, she was…

Agastya says he will show the proof and shows Kabir and Tulika’s wedding on screen. Tulika shows her mangalsutra. Banni breaks down seeing that.

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