Banni Chow Home Delivery 27th November 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Tulika reveals everyone that Kabir married her after giving her sleeping pills and when she got conscious, he threatened not to inform anyone about their marriage. She says they all know Kabir’s anger, so she kept quiet. Agastya says Kabir ruined everything. Banni breaks down. Yuvan walks away from there crying. Devraj tells Banni that Kabir ruined Banni’s efforts. Tulika and Myra try to comfort Banni. Banni gets into senses and worrying for Yuvan runs behind him.

Yuvan tries to leave home shattered. Banni stops him. Yuvan sayas he ruined Banni’s life. Banni reminds how Yuvan always supported him always, protected him from Raja goon and others, and how much he loves her. She asks him not to worry about Tulika’s tattoo on his hand and just think of how to defeat Kabir inside him completely.

Tulika breaks down recalling Kabir’s love for her and their marriage. She says Kabir and her marriage is a lie, Banni will surely destroy Kabir inside Yuvan. Her inner voice confronts her for lying to Banni that Kabir gave her sleeping pills and married her while the truth is she willingly married Kabir. She recalls Kabir taking her to a temple and expressing his love for her and emotionally convincing her to accept her love for him and marry him. Out of flashback, Tulika thinks Kabir will be out of her life completely now.

Alpana tells Devraj that whatever Agastya told is right, now they are in constant fear of Kabir’s return. Hemant says he fears Kabir will return more dangerous and Banni will create more dramas to save Yuvan. Veer with Viraj walks in and says that is why he asked him to send Kabir to mental asylum. Hemant gets angry on him. Tulika packs her clothes. Banni brings food for her. tulika hides her mangalsutra with a vein and says she is not hungry. Banni says she can understand Tulika’s condition, she need not worry though as its not her mistake. Tulika says Kabir is gone now and Yuvan belongs to only Banni.

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