Banni Chow Home Delivery 28th November 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Banni tells Tulika that she cannot clear Tulika’s favor in her whole life and promises to return lots of happiness to her some day. She makes Tulika sit and feeds her food. Yuvan cries hugging Banni’s photo. Yeh Laal Ishq Ye Malaal Ishq.. song plays in the background. Agastya also cries looking at his and Banni’s video and Tulika cries recalling Kabir’s love for her.

Next moring, Banni prays god to protect Yuvan until he completely gets rid off Kabir. Tulika hears that and hiding her mangalutra prays god to give her corage to remove mangalsutra from her neck. Banni notices her and offers her prasad. Tulika reveals her about Yuvan’s childhood trauma because of which Kabir was born. She informs Kabir informing that his mother was murdered and it wasn’t an accident. Banni says that means Kabir knows the murderder who killed his mother and gave him phsycotic pills since childhood. She can how can Kabir remember that and not Yuvan. Tulika says that is how split personality is developed and reminds how Yuvan and Kabir react.

Banni determines to find out the culprit at any cost. She ties Rathores to chairs and describes how Kabir is born after someone killed his mother and gave him wrong medicines since childhood to hide the truth. She says she knows the culprit is one among the family member. She threatens to kill them one by one if they don’t reveal who the culprit is. Veer pleads not to kill him and shouts. He realizes its his imagination. Hemant asks if his Vandana was murdered, who the culprit is. Banni asks the culprit to come in front and accept their mistake before she finds out and punishes them.

Hemant asks Veer if he is the one. Veer refuses and creates drama. Alpana says Vrinda must have killed Vandana as she fought with Vandana before the murder. Vrinda denies and says it was just a small devrani-jethani argument. They all 3 argue. Devraj says he is the culprit and says he failed to keep the family united and is the culprit. Banni says she will find out the truth at any cost. After some time, she questions Yuvan who says he has vague memory of his childhood and fears Kabir will be back if he tries to recall his past. Tulika walks in to return bridal stuff Kabir gifted her. Yuvan thanks and apologizes Tulika for the troubles she faced and says Banni and Yuvan are made for each other and there is no place for a third person between them. Tulika feels sad hearing that.

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