Banni Chow Home Delivery 29th November 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Yuvan apologizes Tulika and requests her to forgive him if she can. Tulika says its okay as she knows Kabir did all that, she is here as his doctor and her duty is to treat him. She leaves crying, hiding her mangalsutra. Banni asks Yuvan to recall the events during his mother’s death. Yuvan says he can’t remember anything and feels frustrated. He remembers Agastya informing him how Kabir buried Banni alive and tried to kill her. He reaches the spot and feels guilty for trying to kill Banni. He breaks down imagining the whole event and then determines to protect Banni at any cost. Yuvan returns home and tells Hemant that he wants to discuss something important with him.

Vrinda confronts Alpana for wrongly accusing her of murdering Alpana. Alpana reminds her that Vandana was scolding her a night before Vandana’s death. Vrinda says Vandana was scolding her for her mistake and she always considered Vandanda as her elder sister and never differentiated between Yuvan and Viraj. Alpana says only Vrindana is suspicious as Hemant and Veer were out of town and Devraj would never harm his family. Hemant stops their fight and informs that Yuvan called everyone for breakfast to discuss something important.

Yuvan walks to Banni and help her apply bindi. He says she looks beautiful with bindi. Banni senses his nervousness and asks what happened. Yuvan says nothing. Banni asks if they would be together always like this. Vishnu calls her just then and insists to come home right now and solve the fight between him and his parents. Banni informs same to Yuvan and asks if he will accompany her. Yuvan says he will directly meet her at Dr. Sanjay’s clinic and hugs her emotionally. Banni asks if he is fine, why is he hugging her as if they are separating, they will meet at Dr. Sanjay’s clinic again. Yuvan says yes and hugs her again, then says she can go now. Banni leaves. Serial’s title track plays in the background.

Yuvan then calls Vishnu and thanks him for his help. He then walks to Devraj and takes his blessings. Devraj blesses him and says his grandson grew up so big that he took his decisions alone. Yuvan says it was important. Charmie asks what is important. Viraj says Yuvan took a decision after much thought. Hemant tells Yuvan they are getting late for their flight. He recalls Yuvan requesting him to send him far away for his treatment and not to a mental healthcare center in same city as Banni will bring him back home easily. Charmie calls Banni to inform her, but finds Banni’s phone at home. Yuvan tries to convince Charmie. Banni returns and hears his conversation. She asks how can he separate their jodi which god created.

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