Banni Chow Home Delivery 2nd December 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Banni and Yuvan follow a masked man who steals photo album and escapes in a bike. Yuvan asks who the person must be. Banni says someone from our house. She kicks masked man and makes him fall down. They both also fall down. Banni runs towards the masked man who runs again. Yuvan stuck under the bike writhes in pain. Banni rushes to help Yuvan and notes down bike number RJ-02 KJ 3458.

Masked man joins a holy procession and unveils his face that he is Hemant. He recalls all the incidents where he tried to erase evidence against him and how he kept whole family under dark and wanted to kill his own son. He returns to a lady’s house and tells her that Banni will never know that Yuvan’s father wants to kill him.

Banni with Yuvan reaches an address on which bike is registered. She notices it locked from outside and opens the door with her hair pin. They both enter house and notice a coffee mug just used. They further notice Yuvan’s photos on a wall and a woman sitting on a chair. They walk in front of a woman and is shocked to see Yuvan’s mother Vandana’s statue. Hemant burns pics and thinks Banni can never reach him.

Tulika feels disheartened recalling Yuvan asking her not to come in front of him again. Agastya asks if she is ready or not. Tulika says just 2 minutes and wipes her tears thinking Yuvan is Vanni’s life partner. Agastya tells Tulika that tomorrow is Rocking Star’s final competition and she should be present there. Tulika says singing is just her passion and not dream, Banni and Yuvan should be there. Agastya reminds her that she still loves Kabir and tries to get him.

Banni brings Vandana’s statue home. Family is shocked to see that. Banni says she found it in a house where she had gone searching for someone. Hemant returns home and is surprised to see Banni bringing statue there. He acts as shocked and asks how did she get it. Banni describes how she found it. She laughs and says they are all acting to hide their sins, she is sure one of them has kept this statute at that house and speak to it to lessen the guilt. She accuses Alpana and then Veeru, who refuse. Hemant acts emotional and says Vandana’s statute has relived his pain and asks Yuvan to take it away from him. Alpana asks Viraj to take it away. Banni warns to dare not touch it.

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