Banni Chow Home Delivery 3rd December 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Alpana asks why she wants to keep Vandana’s statue at home. Banni says a masked man took away photo album from her at the temple, now this statue will get her to tat masked man. At night, Banni sees Yuvan playing violin to vent out her pain and tries to comfort him. Yuvan cries that his mother was killed in front of his eyes, but he cannot recall the murderer and get him punished. Banni reveals that she had visited police who has arranged a forensic team to take culprit’s fingerprints from statue and and get him arrested. Hemant hears their conversation and thinks he will hide the state and make Banni so busy with Yuvan that Banni will forget about the statue.

Banni tells Yuvan that wherever her mamma is, she feels proud of him as he is carrying forward her music. She asks him to play violin. He plays violin and then dances with her on Teri Meri Galla.. song. Tulika watches them and misses Kabir. Yuvan gets romantic and kisses Banni. Banni runs away feeling shy. Tulika continues to feel sad.

Next morning, Banni feeds sweet curd to Yuvan and wishes him best of luck for his singing competition finale. Devraj praises him and says whether he wins in competition or not, he is a winner for them. Myra says Yuvan will win for sure and she already ordered sweets to celebrate his victory. Hemant also pampers and wish him good luck. Banni leaves from there. Hemant calls Tulika in a different voice and tells her that Kabir has returned. Tulika gets happy. Banni fixes hidden camera in Vandana’s statue room and thinks she can watch the culprit on her tab.

Yuvan waits for Tulika near his car and then goes in to check on her. Tulika rushes in calling Kabir. Veer stops her from reaching Yuvan and says he is Yuvan and not Kabir. Tulika falls down during the tussle and hits her head to a pillar. Kabir returns and tries to attack Veer. Banni runs and hugs him tightly, recalling Dr. Sanjay’s suggestion to do so to get back Yuvan into senses and overpower Kabir. Yuvan gets into his senses and requests Tulika not to come in front him again. Banni says
Kabir knows that the culprit is one among them.

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