Banni Chow Home Delivery 4th December 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Devraj asks Banni and Yuvan to go to the competition. Tulika also says she has taken back her name from the competition and asks her to go to the competition. Banni says to Tulika that she can never thank her enough for what she has done. Banni and Yuvan thank Tulika and leave from there. Devraj says to Tulika it will not be good for her to come infront of Yuvan as Kabir might come out anytime. Tulika stays silent. Tulika recalls her moments with Kabir. Tulika leaves from there. Hemanth thinks to himself he has to bring Kabir back to life.

The staff says to Yuvan about his entry. Banni seems to be talking to the police and says to send the forensic team as quickly as possible and take the fingerprints of the puppet. She also says they will give their fingerprints after a while. The staff comes and says Yuvan is calling for her.

Hemanth calls Tulika and plays the video of the marriage of Kabir and Tulika in which Kabir says how much he loves Tulika. Tulika hearing Kabir’s voice on the phone decides to go to Kabir. Hemanth thinks now Tulika will go to Kabir as Tulika loves Kabir as much as Hemanth loves Vandana. Hemanth talks to himself like he is talking to Banni. Hemanth asks Banni why does she have to bring Vandana infront of the family and says by giving medicine to Yuvan he is saving him. Hemanth says he is doing all this to keep his family together. Hemanth says once Kabir comes out everything will be sorted out. Hemanth thinks he has to do something to bring Kabir out.

The staff asks Yuvan if he is ready. Yuvan says he is ready and he is just waiting for Banni. Banni comes and says to the staff that he will reach on time. The staff leaves from there.

Yuvan kisses Banni’s hand and says he loves her. Yuvan says to Banni that he loves the way she finds happiness in his small things and says he will dedicate the trophy after winning the competition.

Rohan asks Agastya who does he think is going to win the competition this time. Agastya says anyone might win this competition but not Yuvan. Rohan asks Agastya why will he not allow Yuvan to win. Agastya says Yuvan is a selfish person who destroys other people’s lives for his own selfish reasons. Agastya shows the score that he prepared for Yuvan i.e. 7/10. Agastya says this is what he deserves.

Banni sees that the camera is off. Banni thinks the culprit is the one who switched off the camera and decides to go to the house to find out who is it. Banni says to Yuvan that she has to go to the house. Yuvan asks Banni where is she going? Banni shows the camera i.e. switched off and says someone wants to wipe off the finger prints off the puppet and she has to go find them. Banni assures Yuvan she will come again. Banni leaves from there. Tulika covers her face with a scarf and comes to the rocking star concert.

Yuvan pleads with Shruti the rocking star staff to postpone his entry as he says he can’t sing without Banni. The anchor announces another person instead of Yuvan. Agastya questions the staff about it. The staff says Banni left Yuvan and Yuvan asked them to swap his entry with others. Agastya asks the staff to find out why Banni left Yuvan.

Banni calls the police and asks them to come to Rathod’s mansion as quickly as possible. Banni goes inside the Rathod mansion and searches the room in which the puppet is present. Banni smells petrol and thinks where is it coming from. A masked man connects two wires and the puppet burns right infront of Banni but she couldn’t stop the fire. Banni thinks about who is the one that lit the puppet. Hemanth gets a call and he says good and cuts the call. Banni thinks whoever did this might be here somewhere and searches for him. Banni comes on to the road. Banni gets into an accident with a car. The masked man sees Banni getting into an accident.

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