Banni Chow Home Delivery 5th December 2022 Written Episode Written Update


Banni falls unconscious after meeting with a car accident. Mob and ambulance reach her and rush her to hospital. Yuvan nervously waits for Banni. Devraj, Hemant, Charmie, and Digvijay ask him not to worry about Banni and concentrate on his performance and try to comfort him. Yuvan says Banni’s phone is not reachable. Viraj calls Banni and learns about her accident. Yuvan panics hearing that and tries to leave studio. Rohan asks Shruti to disqualify Yuvan. Shruti says show’s TRPs are high because of Yuvan, so they can’t disqualify him. She walks to Yuvan who insists to leave the competition even if he disqualified as Banni needs him now. Devraj tries to stop him.

Yuvan looks at Banni’s best of luck note and recalls Banni’s wish of seeing him winning Rocking Star competition and seeking from room him. Yuvan gets romantic and seeks a kiss in return. She feels shy and runs away, but then returns and kisses his cheek and runs away again asking him not to forget his promise. Out of flashback, he tells family that he will sing for Banni’s sake. Hemant asks him not to worry about Banni. Viraj also assures him to reach Banni and give her information on regular intervals.

Audience after hearing about Yuvan not participating in today’s competition discuss that Yuvan is a life of this competition, organizers must have evicted him as such shows are scripted. Yuvan walks on stage and informs that his Banni met with an accident and he doesn’t know how he condition is now, he is not saying this to gain their sympathy but to let them know how much he loves her and is performing as it was Banni’s wish to see him performing. Agastya gets concerned hearing that and sends his guards with Viraj to safeguard Banni.

Hemant enters Banni’s room and tries to kill her saying he doesn’t have any enmity with her, but she destroyed the dream of living with Vandana’s statute and he had to burn the statute because of her. He removes oxygen mask when Viraj walks in with guards. Hemant acts and says he was fixing the mask. Viraj injforms that Agastya sent guards for Banni’s protection. Yuvan seeks judges and audidences’ permission to watch Banni live during his performance. They agree. Yuvan video calls Viraj and watches Banni pm screen.

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