Banni Chow Home Delivery 6th December 2022 Written Episode Written Update


Yuvan dedicates his performance to Banni and sings Tu Menu Chad Jana.. song emotionally looking Banni via a video call. He breaks down after performance. Tulika thinks how can she interfere between Yuvan and Banni’s divined love. Everyone clap for Yuvan. Agastya gives 10/10 marks. Rohan asks reason. Agastya these marks are for Banni, it was Yuvan’s devotion for his love and he can’t disrespect someone’s devotion. Host announces Yuvan as a winner of the competition. Agastya offers him trophy. Yuvan shows his trophy to Banni and pleads her to open her eyes and look at her Yuvan.

Banni opens eyes and looks at screen. Viraj runs out to inform doctor. Yuvan tells Banni that her dream came true. Banni shows thumbs up to him. Agastya thinks nobody can love each other like Yuvan and Banni do. Tulika walks away and cries thinking she lost Kabir forever. A masked man/Hemant points knife at her and says her Kabir will die today, she can run and save her Kabir if she can. Tulika runs on stage worried for Kabir and tells Yuvan that his life is in danger. Yuvan says he is not Kabir. Tulika tightly hugs him. Kabir starts overtaking Yuvan. Hemant thinks how will Banni save Yuvan from becoming Kabir. Banni is shocked to see Yuvan turning into Kabir. Kabir reciprocates to Tulika’s hug. Hemant thinks he knew that Tulika is Kabir’s trigger and once he pressed it, Kabir popped out.

Banni gets out of bed and stands shocked seeing Yuvan holding Tulika’s hand and warning everyone to dare not interfere between him and Tulika or else he will not spare them. Banni on screen says no. Kabir laughs and says Kabir Singh Rathore is back and Yuvan is gone again. Banni reminds his promise that he will win a trophy for her. Yuvan starts overpowering Kabir. Tulika hopes Kabir doesn’t go again. Banni tells Yuvan that she is coming to him. Nurse stops her. Banni asks Yuvan if he will not hug his Banni, she is coming to him. Yuvan completely overtakes Kabir and runs away to meet Banni.

Viraj returns with doctor’s team and finds Banni unconscious on floor. They get her back on bed. Yuvan reaches Banni and apologizes her blaming himself for her condition. He says Kabir lost against them again. Banni says someone is sending Tulika repeatedly to trigger Kabir and not let Yuvan remember his past. Yuvan says she is right, Tulika told someone had called her in the morning. Banni determines to find and expose that person. She praises Yuvan for winning over Kabir repeatedly and says they are very near to their victory and explains her plan to him.

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