Banni Chow Home Delivery 7th December 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Banni explains her plan to Yuvan. Yuvan asks if she thinks her plan will work. Banni says she is confident on their enemy more than herself. He asks what shall he do now. She asks him to go home. He returns home and meets Devraj and Hemant. They ask him not to take much tension as Banni will get well soon. Yuvan says he feels he is responsible for Banni’s condition. He then meets Alpana and tells her that he and Banni met because of his music, today they will do something special. He says he trusts Alpana as she was very close to Vandana and hence is revealing his and Banni’s plan. He says Banni found culprit’s fingerprints and sent them to forensic lab, tonight she would find out who he/she is. He tells same to Veer and Vrinda.

He then calls Banni and informs that he revealed their plan to everyone; he is sure Alpana, Vrinda, or Veer are the culprits and he trusts Devraj and Hemant. She says she is sure culprit will visit her to get forensic report. Yuvan says he also wants to see who the culprit is and will reach there soon. Hemant tells family that he is going to Bangalore for an important work and leaves home. Agastya visits Banni and praises her and Yuvan’s divine love.

Yuvan heads towards hospital and finds car broken down. He takes another car and heads towards hospital. Hemant disguised as a doctor gets into Banni’s room and tries to kill her. Banni opens eyes and catches him. He tries to run away, but she resists. He escapes via window. Yuvan enters and stops her. He calls guards and scolds them for failing to perform their duty. Hemant returns home and vents out his frustration for failing to kill Banni. He thinks he loves Yuvan and hence kept him alive til now. Yuvan asks Banni if she saw the culprit’s face. She reveals its her father. Yuvan refuses to believe her and says papa has gone to Bangalore. Banni says maybe its a lie. Yuvan says maybe papa wanted to know who mamma’s murderer is. Banni says his papa wanted to kill her.

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