Banni Chow Home Delivery 8th December 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Banni asks Yuvan who else than Hemanth must have attacked them repeatedly at home. Yuvan refuses to believe her and walks away. Banni thinks its Yuvan’s father who is harming them. Tulika cries hugging her and Kabir’s pic. Agastya walks to her and asks what is she hiding which is hurting her. She says there is nothing like that. Agastya says if she says so, she should meet Banni once to lessen the suffocation within her. Tulika asks if he will not reveal Banni that he loves her. Agastya walks away. Tulika thinks how to inform Banni what had happened that night.

Yuvan cries sitting in front of a bonfire in his house’s lawn. Banni walks to him. Yuvan asks why did she come out as got discharged from hospital just today. She holds his hand and says she can understand his pain. Yuvan says he can’t believe that his father can kill his mother as his father loved his mother immensely and always took care of him. Banni comforts him and prays god to give him strength to accept truth.

Yuvan walks back inside home where Hemanth lies that he had gone to Bangalore to celebrate Vandana’s birthday at her music academy there. Yuvan gets emotional hearing that. Hemant purposefully drops his wallet and showing Vandana’s photo says he never let Vandana go away from him in these 20 years. Yuvan gets more emotional. Hemanth leaves. A hotel employee walks in and asks for Hemant. Yuvan says he is Hemanth’s son. Employees hands him over Hemanth’s jacket and informs that Hemant left it in hotel room last night. Yuvan breaks down hearing that. He walks to Banni’s room and reveals that Hemant was lying. Banni says his life’s biggest truth is his father killed his mother and he should accept it. She describes her plan to expose Hemanth’s truth and seeks his help.

Next morning, Banni meets Tulika. Tulika says she didn’t come to the studio purposefully. Banni says she knows who provoked her repeatedly and reveals its Hemanth who murdered Yuvan’s mother and is harming Yuvan since childhood. Tulika is shocked to hear that. Banni seeks Tulika’s help in exposing Hemanth’s truth. Tulika agrees. Banni explains her plan that she should act as in trouble to let Kabir come out, she need not worry as Yuvan knows truth and will act as Kabir and force Hemant to reach a place where Tulika is stuck between fire and will act as trying to reveal how Hemant killed Vandana, Hemanth will surely reveal the truth then. Tulika agrees.

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