Banni Chow Home Delivery 9th December 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Tulika assures Banni that she will apply fire-proof gel on herself when she gets into fire and will protect herself. Banni worries for Tulika’s life and test the gel on herself first. She finds fire not harming her and thanks Tulika for always supporting her and Yuvan. Yuvan walks in. Banni explains how Tulika is helping her. Yuvan thanks Tulika for her help.

Hemant reaches temple and heads towards store room expressing his love for Vandana. Banni and Yuvan reach temple to execute their plan. Kabir takes over Yuvan. He smears colors over his face and searches for Hemant. Banni thinks Yuvan is bearing so much to expose Hemant’s truth. Yuvan searches for Hemant holding trishul and shouts he will do justice today. Banni shows Hemant’s photos to everyone and asks if they saw him. One of them identifies Hemant and says he went in that direction. Banni thinks Hemant went towards store room.

Hemant recalls seeing Tulika at the temple and follows her. He sees Tulika meeting Yuvan and Banni and hears Banni’s plan to expose him. He thinks his son now hates him because of Banni. He dertmines to fail Banni’s plan. Banni enters store room. Hemant locks it form outside and says she wants to his son to hate him, he will fail her plan by killing Tulika and provoking Kabir against Banni. Banni finds fire-proof gel in store room and realizes that Hemant tricked and exchanged the gel. She thinks she needs to reach Tulika and save her, but finds door locked from outside.

Yuvan continues to search for Hemant and thinks where did Banni go. Tulika applies fake gel on herself and waits for Yuvan and Kabir. Hemant sets fire and thinks he failed b anni’s plan.

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