Barister Babu 10th July 2020 Written Episode Written Update

Bondita and Anirudh talking. He says we always have solution around us, we just have to find it. He goes. She says don’t know what solution will he bring now. Bondita’s mum thinks of her and cries. She thinks who is taking care of Bondita there. Mami comes and says Bondita is like an iron piece, while Anirudh is a diamond. She insults Bondita. Maa argues with her. She says I wish I could know why Bondita is doing this since the last six months. Mami says these excuses won’t work in Bondita’s Sasural, they will not find a solution, they will throw her out. Anirudh says I got the solution. Bondita says its Batuk’s clothes, I can’t wear boys clothes. He asks why not, is it written that you can’t wear it. She says girls can’t wear boys clothes. He asks her to wear it and do yoga. She says people will laugh, if anyone scolds me, I won’t wear it. He says girls and boys are same. She asks how shall I believe this. She thinks and smiles.

She gets her saree and asks him to wear it. He says fine, if you will understand it this way then I will wear it. He wraps the saree around. She gets surprised. Trilochan says pandit Ramprasad is coming with his disciples, Bihari clean the house well, there shouldn’t be any dirt. Bihari says fine, but if pandit knows Bondita’s problem. Trilochan says he won’t know, he is coming in day time. Bondita comes wearing Batuk’s clothes. Anirudh asks her to do the yoga. She tries. She feels hurt. She thinks I can’t tell him about Trilochan’s remedy. She stands on one foot, as Anirudh guides her. He says now we will learn second Asan. She asks why can’t we learn it later, my bangles broke, I have to wear bangles. He asks why is it necessary now. She says girls wear bangles, didn’t you see. Saurabh comes and sees her in Batuk’s clothes. She hides. He thinks why is she wearing boys clothes, maybe Anirudh is ending the difference between girls and boys. Anirudh asks her to continue the yoga. Saurabh says you had called me, you think the village women will agree for having public toilets. Anirudh asks Bondita what did she tell before. Bondita says I don’t want to wear boys clothes, I told about bangle seller. Anirudh says you have given a good suggestion, I will bring bangles for you. He says Saurabh, we will go to bangle seller, women will come there, I will explain the women. He asks Bondita to do yoga. He goes to the bangle seller.

Anirudh tries to explain the need for public toilets. Vimla says sorry, we don’t want the public toilets, just leave. Anirudh and Saurabh leave. Bondita gets tired of yoga. The woman refuses to Anirudh’s suggestion. She says we won’t want any change, let us be on our own. He says there is not a single woman who has courage to raise a voice, why, tell me. She shuts the door. Trilochan washes pandit’s feet. He says thanks for coming. Pandit says we have come as your bahu has come, maha puja could not be done here before. Trilochan says yes, you know it best. Pandit says call your bahu, I will explain her about the puja. Trilochan asks Bihari to call Bondita, tell her to get decked up and come here, and not argue with brahmans. Bondita says I m also looking like that naughty Batuk. Anirudh says no one wants change, not a single woman has agreed for a change, how will they move on, they will have to learn asking questions for their rights, who will explain them, can I talk to Sampoorna, I m sure she will agree, maybe other women get courage. Saurabh says but.. Anirudh says I know Sumari and Biraj won’t agree, but we have to make a start. Saurabh gets thinking. Anirudh says we will go to your house.

Saurabh says no, you are my Maalik’s son, Sampoorna will agree because of you, change will be forced on her. Bihari asks Bondita to come, pandits have come, Trilochan asked her to get decked up and come downstairs, don’t argue to insult the elders. Bondita says I will get ready and come, its good Bihari didn’t see me, Trilochan would have punished me, I will change my clothes now, none will know. She gets worried. The pant zip gets stuck. She says how will I go out now, its happening because of Anirudh. She recalls Trilochan’s words. Trilochan asks why didn’t she come, how long will pandit wait for her. Pandit does the aarti.

Bondita hides from the pandits. Saudamini sees her and makes servant drop the curry on her hand. Bondita gets caught. Pandit scolds her and asks who is she.