Barister Babu 17th September 2020 Written Episode Written Update

Bondita saying, no I just heard of him. Anirudh asks how do you know. Binoy taunts her. Bihari says I told her everything. Trilochan asks Anirudh not to get angry on her when everyone is happy with her. Bihari says she should get a reward. Anirudh says I want to give her something, close eyes. He gets sweets. She smiles and gets the smell. She says no need to see, I know its Rasgullas. Trilochan laughs. Anirudh says you can have it, no one will stop you, I m proud, I m sure you will never lie, you will never break my trust. She feels guilty. Trilochan says wow, everyone is happy with her, just Binoy isn’t happy. He goes. Binoy asks what miracle happened that they both are singing her praise.

Bondita says I can’t eat the sweets, I feel bad. She asks Batuk to have the sweets when he did the homework. She goes. He says she is right, before she changes her mind, I will eat the rasgullas. Binoy sees her and thinks something is wrong. Anirudh tells everyone to Saudamini. He praises Bondita. She says wow, I m very glad. She gets angry after ending the call. Bondita finishes the work. She sees Trilochan. She says I have cleaned all utensils and did all the work, shall I get hot milk for you. He says I have to say something, I have behaved strict, I was tensed that you may not learn things, today I got to know from Kanha that you will learn everything. Anirudh is also happy, he is short tempered, but his heart is good, I want you to never hurt his heart, go and rest now.

Binoy calls someone and says yes, Brij is in this village, he is a thug, he is fooling people. Officer says we should stop him. Binoy says I think he should continue to fool people, it will be good for us. He laughs. Anirudh comes and shouts on him. Binoy asks him to keep quiet. Anirudh says you are fooling people, I want the people to get educated. Officer says we hate revolutionists, is your son one of them, you will not get any benefits from us. Binoy says no, my son also hates revolutionists, good night. He disconnects the call. Anirudh says tell the officer that your son is a revolutionist, he wants to bring new thinking, rights and end the difference.

Binoy shouts on him. Trilochan comes. Anirudh says if I can help to educate one person, then its good. He argues. He says I can walk on the path shown by Gandhi ji. Binoy says you would know that there is darkness under the lamp. Anirudh says I know, so I m lighting the other lamp to end the darkness, I will educate Bondita so that she knows Brij is a thug. Trilochan shouts don’t call it blind belief, its our devotion. Anirudh says I won’t let Bondita get bound by old customs. He goes. Trilochan holds Binoy and says I understand you, we have to find some way for his madness, don’t worry. He goes. Binoy thinks to end Anirudh’s madness, just Mini can do this.

Bondita recalls Anirudh’s words. She thinks of Maa’s words. She goes to Anirudh and sees him sleeping. She keeps the coconut near him and acts to call. She says I have made a mistake, I want to tell you, I lied to you. She tells everything. She says Bondita did this to save Sampoorna’s marriage. She cries and says forgive me.

Anirudh goes to meet Saudamini. He says I had promised Mini. She asks him to go. She keeps someone in her place and goes. Binoy comes to see.