Barister Babu 21st January 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Anirudh and Bondita cheering Sampoorna and Binoy for the ring finding ceremony. Sampoorna wins. Everyone claps. Trilochan looks on and says Sampoorna has no qualities. Mami says Trilochan is elder to Binoy, you go and take his blessings. He thinks there is some matter that I m not able to understand. Sampoorna thinks you wanted me to leave, I will not make you fall down, I will get the house keys from you. Bondita prays that things get fine between Sampoorna and Trilochan. Sampoorna recalls Mami’s words. She touches his feet. Bondita asks him to bless Sampoorna. He blesses. Anirudh smiles.

Sampoorna says you had taken all the responsibilities’ burden on you, you would be tired, when this house got an elder bahu then you can put all the responsibility on my shoulder. He thinks I know she is asking for locker keys by this excuse. She thinks you can’t refuse to give me the keys, I will have the rule in my hands. He says you will get your rights, why not, what do we elders want, we want a good bahu, who understands prestige and family customs, its time that the bahu manages the house duties, you will manage the house duties from now, I will give you the keys which I gave to Shubra. He gives the locker keys. Everyone claps.

He says we give many things along with the locker keys, you said you want to follow Shubra’s path, you bless your bahu and give her the keys, you also do your duty, bless Sampoorna and Bondita, applaud for them. Everyone claps. Sampoorna gets angry. He asks Bondita to hold Sampoorna’s feet and get the keys. The ladies gossip and say why is Sampoorna not giving the keys to her Bahu, Bondita is her sister. Bondita holds Sampoorna’s feet. Sampoorna gives the keys to Bondita. Bondita says I will do the duties well and keep the keys safe, its my promise. Sampoorna hugs Mami. Mami says Trilochan has made your status the same again, you will be the maid until you get the keys. Sampoorna says its not Bondita’s mistake, Trilochan did this.

Mami asks her to get the keys back from Bondita. Bondita thanks Durga maa. She says I wanted Sampoorna to be with me always, she has come as my Saas, you have fulfilled my wish, I m lucky, we will always be together as Saas and Bahu. Trilochan looks on and says your heart is like gold, so you see your sister like yourself, she isn’t like you, her heart is black, she isn’t innocent like before, she is clever, I m scared that you get cheated, I have to warn you. He comes to Bondita. He says you know what’s this. She says locker keys. He says you know what’s inside. She says money, jewellery, papers and that’s it. He says it has our pride and prestige, Shubra had kept it safe, now this responsibility is yours, I m sure you will keep it. She says yes. He says be careful the keys aren’t any toy, even if anyone tells you anything, don’t give keys to anyone. She agrees. Sampoorna looks on.