Barister Babu 24th November 2020 Written Episode Written Update

Greenwood and Saudamini getting some pics clicked. He calls Anirudh. Anirudh says I have no interest in getting pics clicked. Greenwood jokes on his family. Saudamini says he is a real Landlord and he is very proud of it also. Anirudh recalls his words. Greenwood says I told you that I will sign the papers if you please my wife. Anirudh goes for the pics. Bondita says I won’t wear these clothes, its joker’s costume, I won’t wear it. The lady thinks madam will scold me if she doesn’t wear it. Saudamini gets pics clicked with Anirudh. She asks am I looking beautiful, tell me, you thought I will cry for you all life, I will go mad for you, but see, I found a crazy man for me, he is a british officer, all the landlords are scared of him, you would be scared too. He thinks I will do for what I have come. The lady asks Bondita to wear the dress. Bondita struggles.

Greenwood asks Saudamini to come, lets cut the cake. She goes. Anirudh says I met your newly wedded wife, she looks happy also, shall we talk of work, I don’t have time, I know my name, I hope you know your work, I want signs for my wife’s admission. Greenwood says you want your wife to get admission. Everyone laughs. Greenwood says its a joke, I m surprised why didn’t you find it a joke. Anirudh says I have studied law in London, if girls can study there, then girls can study in schools in my country also. Greenwood says you joke well, women in our country become queens, women in your country are foolish, they are just like goats and cows, they have no sense that they get to study in school, they just have to deliver child, they need man for every work, what will women do after studying.

Saudamini thinks once Bondita comes wearing joker’s clothes, everyone will know about her sense. Bondita uses the perfume on the lady’s eyes. The lady goes away. Bondita looks for a card board. She gets some colour. She thinks to find Anirudh and tell him that her friends are missing. She writes Anirudh on the card board. Greenwood says its a stupid idea, forget it, this won’t happen ever, Indian girls can’t study, you can take the horse to the lake, you can’t force him to drink water, this fits on the women also, they know studies won’t help them. Everyone laughs.

Greenwood insults the country. Saudamini smiles. Bondita goes out. Anirudh says answer my question, if you have this thinking about Indian girls, why did you marry Saudamini, she is also an Indian woman, right. Greenwood asks who is Saudamini, she is my wife Betty, she looks Indian, but her thinking is British, did I say right, dear. Saudamini says yes, I m not any ordinary indian woman, I don’t beg my husband for pity like a weak one, I m an educated girl, I can play tennis, I can play piano also, I left all my values, I accepted British pride, I m Betty, I hate old thinking of Indian women. She jokes about Bondita.

She says the women here have no identity. Anirudh scolds her. He says Betty Greenwood, a man can do one work at a time, the country women do hundred work at the same time, they manage the entire house, you will not know the tolerance and sacrifices of an indian women, they have selfless feeling to keep family united, you will not understand. She asks how much smartness does your wife have. Bondita asks did you see my husband, this is his name. Anirudh smiles seeing her. She comes with the banner. Anirudh says truth doesn’t need a proof, look at her, a little indian girl has smartness, she found a way to find her husband, she wrote my name Anirudh, you know why, Bondita has got blessed with education, she isn’t much educated, but she is fearless, she has made a place for herself in this crowd. He goes to Bondita and asks what are you doing here. She says Surayya and other girls went somewhere, I came here to say this, did villagers do anything wrong with them. He worries.

He asks her to come. Saudamini says no one leaves the party without my permission, if one goes, then one has to come back. They leave. Saudamini angrily smashes the cake. Greenwood looks on. Bondita asks what’s Saudamini doing here. Anirudh says she is Greenwood’s wife. She asks did she marry a britisher, it will be tough to get his sign. He says I will find some way out, but now, we have to find your friends, come. They leave. Binoy and Trilochan come back in the party. Trilochan says talk to him about work, then we will leave. Binoy says yes, I will talk to him about farmers also. Anirudh says where can all the girls go.

He sees the clothes spread on the floor. He asks who has done this, did villagers do this. Bondita picks some ghungroos. She shows it to him. She says they used to forcibly make my friends wear this. Binoy goes to Greenwood. He says we always have good terms with Governor general, we have always supported the british rule, its profit for both of us. Greenwood asks him to have a drink. Binoy says sure. Greenwood drops the drink on his shoe. Binoy gets shocked. Anirudh gets a cloth path there. He reads GW on it. He gets angry. He says Greenwood’s men came here. He recalls Saudamini’s words. He says all the girls are in Greenwood’s house.