Barister Babu 25th March 2020 Written Episode Written Update

Episode starts with Saudamini coming to Anirudh. She says if magic existed, everything would have been the same. He says if I could, I would have done magic and made everything the same. She gives him the tea. He says you lied, you have magic in your hands, I really needed this tea. She gets biscuits for him. He says its London biscuits. She says yes, you got it last time. He trashed the biscuits. She asks what happened. He says its expired biscuits. She says taste was like before. He says you know that hygiene is needed, you know I can’t tolerate anything bad, if you want the biscuits, I will ask my friend to get it. She says congrats for your degree. He says thanks, you will get a party, I have to go and return this book. She smiles.

She drinks the left over tea. She gets happy. Dida comes. Saudamini says Bondita wets the bed at night, Anirudh has married a little girl, how will she manage her marriage. Bondita cleans the room. Saudamini says new bahu has to do a lot to prove herself in Sasural, will the girl have the senses. Dida says you are lucky to get married at a right age, Bondita is young and got married, anyways, I m on your side. Bondita says Saudamini is really nice, she should get a good husband, not an angry man like Anirudh. Dida asks what’s this. Saudamini says Anirudh has thrown the old biscuits, I felt he will throw Bondita also. Dida asks why, did he leave her responsibility. Saudamini says he doesn’t like anything unhygienic, will he tolerate Bondita, when he knows that she is wetting the bed every day and breaking the hygiene. Saudamini sees Bondita praying. She says Bondita will be going to her mum forever.

Sampoorna comes to her room. Saurabh tries to get her attention. He says you should apologize to me, why are you avoiding me. She lies to sleep and cries. He shouts on her. She recalls Biraj’s words. Biraj sees this and cries. Saurabh’s mum says until we get the five goats, their life shouldn’t get any love. Bondita pees on the chair and gets up. She says I have peed once again. She tries to cover it up. She says there is no perfume here, how will I stop this bad smell. Anirudh comes home with Saurabh.

He asks does Sampoorna go to the river for bath. Saurabh says yes, all the women go. Anirudh asks don’t you feel bad that she goes there to bath in open. Saurabh says no, everyone goes there, very few people have own bathrooms like you. Anirudh says we can make public toilets for everyone. Saurabh says yes. Bondita throws the blanket out of the window. She locks the door. She recalls Anirudh’s words. Saudamini comes. She hears Bondita saying she has thrown the blanket down. She thinks I will bring out Bondita’s truth out. Trilochan asks why do you want to waste money in making public toilets for women. Anirudh says women can use it. Trilochan and Anirudh argue. Binoy sits silent and hears them.

Anirudh says what’s the difference between humans and animals, if everyone takes bath in open, women should be respected. Binoy asks why are you arguing, you do anything you want, you want to bring a change. Anirudh says change comes by attempts, I will try. Binoy says go and talk to the mayor, if he permits then we will give you money to fulfill this work, go and show your madness. Anirudh says I have come to change thinking, I will do it, public toilet will be made for women. He asks Saurabh to come with her. Saudamini stops Batuk and asks did you hide it from me. Batuk says nothing. She says you have become smarter than me, you have thrown wet blanket outside right, you have peed in the bed right. He says no, I m not a small kid. She says everyone will think you have done this, you will be punished. Bondita sits scared and waits for Saudamini.

Batuk gets the stinking blanket. He says someone has peed on the bed, Bondita has done this. Everyone gets shocked