Barister Babu 30th November 2020 Written Episode Written Update

Binoy kicked the dogs collar. They say no, I never let this happen, Anirudh is not treating any normal person like he is my son. Anirudh tells him to calm down. Saudamini claps and exclaims, “You know how to wear it, or I’ll help you.” He sees the slate there. He laughs at Rekha. She asks if you got the drawing. Greenwood asks Anirudh to wear a dog collar, he is now a slave. He also finds a hunter. Anirudh surrendered. Binoy got angry. Greenwood goes to defeat Anirudh. Bondita and girls arrive. They block Greenwood. Anirudh and Binay smiled. Bondita sang Humpe Kamyab…. Anirudh and Binoy also sing along with the girls. Trilochan gets villagers there. He says wait Anirudh, I am coming too. Anirudh you say here…. Trilochan says yes, we are here because of our daughter-in-law Bondita. Anirudh says that the challenge starts now. Trilochan plays conch.

Greenwood says that the challenge has just begun, you are all celebrating as if you have won. Saudamini says that this is his old habit. Anirudh now says, there will be a fight. Mr. Nafroz comes there as a referee. Greenwood says I have called him here, he is a school principal, he will be the judge and he will make the rules. Trilochan says that you have brought them here, we cannot trust them. Anirudh says, we can’t trust him, he has taught me in childhood, I met him at Batuk’s school, he will just support the truth, Nafroz feels that girls should stay at home to balance the family Oh, I will always respect you, but can’t accept it, if I win this challenge and change your mind that women can do any work, then this challenge will bring double happiness, these girls should study You will get a chance and your thinking will change, girls can write their fate on themselves. Nafroz asked the two teams to meet. Saudamini calls the boys. His team member threw a stick at Anirudh’s team. The other one kills the football and arrives there. Everyone coughs. Saudamini introduced boys with unparalleled talent and skill. Anirudh thinks to make girls strongly skilled. Nafrose asks the girls to introduce themselves. Saudamini says that they are all losers. Boys laughed. Trilochan says, I don’t think our girls can face their boys. Bondita says that I will introduce her. He introduces the girls. Anirudh smiled.

Bondita says that we did not go to school, we do not know sports or science, but we know kitchens and relationships, we do not know poetry or the use of strength, but we know to make connections with the moon and stars. She says that we can compete because we know how to learn. Anirudh smiles and claps. He says that if girls get a chance to study then they will prove that they are capable, they will learn and become Arjuna, this Mahabharata is for their future. Nafroz says both teams will be tested on their smartness and physical strength. Greenwood says they will fail the mental strength test, why do we waste time on time. Nafroz gets GK books. Anirudh and Saudamini carry books for their teams. Nathroj congratulated both the teams. On this morning, Trilochan gives a thread to Bondita and says that you are Arjuna in this war, Anirudh will show the way as Krishna, you have responsibility in your hands, you have to give advice to girls, they have to work hard, if you Want to win this battle. Bondita says to tie the knot of this thread more to the right side, it is my promise that I did not let it break, I did not let Tulsipur and Anirudha lose. He blesses her. She prays.

Anirudh teaches girls. He says that we have to win this challenge. Saudamini becomes a band artist and plays music to harass her classes. She taunts Anirudh.