Barister Babu 3rd August 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Bondita calling out Vaijanti. Vaijanti comes. Bondita says sorry. Vaijanti says I told you, Anirudh loves you. Bondita says I was angry and couldn’t read the love in his eyes, you read it. Vaijanti says you couldn’t tell him that you are Bondita and Vaijanti, there is a swordfighting competition today. Bondita says I will end this enmity between both the villages. Vaijanti says its time to say bye to Vaijanti. Her inner self asks her to confess her feelings. Bondita gets shy.

Anirudh says I refused for marriage, I told her that I can’t love her. Trilochan asks why did you do this, because of Bondita. He scolds Anirudh. Somnath asks why did you do this. Anirudh says I don’t want any innocent person to suffer because of me. Somnath asks why did you not see Bondita’s face and talk to her when she came to talk to you. Anirudh says things have changed, we can never unite. Somnath asks will you make her your partner if she comes back. Anirudh says I wish it could happen. Bondita writes a letter for Anirudh… you think of Bondita because of Vaijanti, Vaijanti is Bondita, I wanted to tell you at the temple, we got a chance to end this enmity, our relation is much imp than this enmity, both the families lost a lot in 8 years, but now we will write a new story, everyone will stay with love, I want you to meet at the Sheeshmahal before the competition, we will keep a proposal for peace in front of everyone, I m waiting for the enmity to end, your stubborn Bondita. She finishes writing. She says today our friendship will end this enmity. She sees Vaijanti gone and smiles.

Anirudh asks Binoy to bless him, he will go. He asks nurse not to leave Binoy alone for a moment. Binoy asks him not to go. Trilochan says let him go, he is going to make our family name proud, leave him, let him go. Anirudh and Trilochan leave. Trilochan says you know I could have not mentioned about this competition in front of him. Anirudh says yes, its good, he gets panicking if he hears about violence, doctor said his life can fall in danger. Trilochan says we have to keep him away, take care of yourself, be alert, Krishnanagar people attacked our skilled men, you have to fight Chandrachur and his men alone. Anirudh nods. He goes to get ready. He sees the sword. Bihari comes and gives a box from Vaijanti. Anirudh checks it. He gets a watch, broach, sindoor box, cloth and a letter. He reads it and puts it back.

Bondita gets ready and smiles. She lights the candles. She says our enmity will end, there will be just friendship and love between the villagers. He says this will happen. He holds her hands. She dreams of him. Chandrachur says you can dream, the truth is, your wait for Anirudh will never end, he will never come to meet you. Bondita says he didn’t come yet, did he get my letter. Chandrachur says he got the letter written by me, I had changed your letter. He recalls seeing her send a box forAnirudh. He stops the man and takes the letter from the box. He says I have exchanged the letter, I had applied some drugs on it, when Anirudh wears the pagdi, watch and kalgi, then Anirudh’s eyes will burn, slowly his entire body will burn, he can’t even lift his sword, this time he will lose. Bondita thinks I have to go and meet Anirudh myself. Anirudh takes Trilochan’s blessing. Trilochan says I wish Durga Maa gives you the chance to do the aarti, will you tell me, why did you wear Vaijanti’s gifted pagdi and watch, by which relation. Anirudh says friendship. Somnath says Sampoorna said she will stay back with Binoy. Trilochan nods. They leave.

At the competition venue, Anirudh comes. Pandit does the aarti. Chandrachur thinks Anirudh will feel the burning sensation now. The man announces the beginning of the competition, between Anirudh and Chandrachur with team. Thakumaa and Trilochan look on. The fight begins. Chandrachur thinks I started the real game in Tulsipur. He sends his goons home. The servant goes to Sampoorna and asks her to see the kids, they are crying. She says I will go. Binoy says don’t go. She goes. The servant opens the back door and thinks Krishnanagar’s men will come from here to attack Binoy. The goons lock Sampoorna inside the kids’ room. She knocks the door. Bondita is on the way. Her slipper breaks. She comes home and asks where is Anirudh. The guard says he went for the competition. She thinks it means he didn’t get my letter, else he would have never gone there, I have to go there and find out, I have to stop this violence. The servant attacks Binoy. Binoy shouts. Bondita enters the house. Sampoorna sees her and knocks the door. Binoy and the nurse shout for help. The goons follow him. Sampoorna knocks the door. Anirudh gets his sword. He feels uneasy. He thinks what’s happening to me, why am I seeing everything blur, why are my hands shaking.