Barister Babu 5th August 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Bondita saying I m Bondita, I have become Vaijanti to befriend you, I wanted us to together end the enmity between the villagers, trust me. Sampoorna and Trilochan scold Bondita. Bondita says why will I do this, I was taking Binoy to the hospital, you gave me values, you taught me to do Durga Maa aarti, will I cheat you to get the aarti rights. He shouts on her and says you are our enemy. Somnath threatens to shoot her. Thakumaa stops Somnath and scolds him. He says you can’t touch her, you left the battlefield and ran. Chandrachur says if anyone tells anything to Bondita, then we will shed blood here. They all argue. Bondita thinks trust me Anirudh, I can never cheat you. Thakumaa says we will now talk in the panchayat. Bondita asks Anirudh to listen. Thakumaa takes her along.

Trilochan talks to his village people. He says we will take the responsibility of your safety, we can give life, but do our responsibility, we will get the culprit punished. The people ask can you get Bondita punished, you had a relation with her, will Anirudh remember their deceive and get Bondita punished. Trilochan says we punish every culprit the same, Anirudh will prove it tomorrow. Thakumaa slaps Bondita for her lies and cheat. Sumati cries. Thakumaa slaps her a lot of times. Chandrachur asks Thakumaa to stop it, will she take Bondita’s life. Thakumaa says yes. He says its not Bondita’s mistake, her heart is with Anirudh. She says then explain her that her relation with Anirudh is over. He says yes, now we have to think of the panchayat, how to save Bondita from getting proved as a spy, Anirudh will not leave Bondita, I can’t let Bondita get punished. She says yes, did you think of something he says yes, I asked my men to erase all the evidences and buy the witnesses, I have sent expensive gifts to Mr. Ghosh, he will give statement that Bondita used to work in the court every day. Bondita asks why, I didn’t go there as a spy. Thakumaa says you will refuse to them tomorrow, you will say you don’t know Vaijanti, you just went to the court, understand.

Anirudh gets upset. Somnath says I got these things tested, drugs were applied to these things, check this lab reports, Bondita has sent these things on the competition day, Praveen wanted to inform Chandrachur that Bondita is doing her work, I think Bondita had broken the glass that day to distract us, you got a girl’s jewellery, see it also belongs to Bondita, you kept friendship in enmity, she added enmity in friendship. Bondita says I will not lie, I will say the truth, I will tell that I went to Roy choudhary haveli to end enmity. Sumati asks who will believe you. Bondita says Anirudh will believe me, he can’t let anything bad happen with me, really. Thakumaa says I will do bad with you. She hurts Bondita. Trilochan says yes, she had misused Sampoorna and kids’ emotions for her motive, its our turn now, we will present these evidences tomorrow and prove that she had come here as a spy, we got cheated and defeated in the competition, we will get Bondita punished.

Thakumaa threatens Bondita. Bondita says I will tell the truth, you do anything. Thakumaa asks Sumati to explain Bondita to do as she says, else they will cry all their lives. Sampoorna comes and asks Anirudh to come with her. Everyone rushes. Binoy scares Shashwati. Anirudh tries to stop him. Binoy says she is Bondita, she will kill everyone. Shashwati cries. Anirudh calms Binoy. Trilochan says we all have seen Bondita’s truth, don’t worry, Anirudh will punish her. Shashwati asks why doesn’t my dad love me. Sampoorna hugs her. Binoy asks why is she crying. Anirudh takes him. Sumati comes to explain Bondita. She says if you are proved as a spy, then what will I do without you, you tell them that you didn’t go there as Vaijanti, Chandrachur will handle everything. Bondita says no, I can’t lie, Anirudh taught me to tell the truth. Anirudh imagines Bondita. She says I didn’t come here as an enemy, trust me. He gets confused seeing her good and bad sides. He hears their arguments and says enough, leave me alone.

Sumati says this truth will take your life. Bondita says I m not scared to say the truth, one truth can fight with thousand lies, they can give evidences against me, Anirudh knows I can never cheat him, he was my protector, he will protect me tomorrow. Sumati says promise me, you will not say the truth in the panchayat, I will give my life if anything happens to you. Anirudh sits worried. Bondita gets thinking.