Barister Babu 6th May 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Sampoorna asking are you missing Bondita, its good you left her at Sumati’s place, she isn’t our family now. He says she didn’t go to Sumati, she is safe wherever she has gone, she stays in our heart, even if she isn’t in the haveli, like you are staying in the house, but not in our hearts. He goes. She says I will find out, I will rule here, you can’t do anything. Bondita says when Anirudh calls me, I will tell him everything. Anirudh waits for her call. She asks the lady did Anirudh call. She says I have to tell him that I have sung English song. She waits for his call. Anirudh thinks to call her or not, Bondita will fall weak, she can’t stay alone there. She says maybe he didn’t think of me all day. They both miss each other. She recalls Anirudh giving her a gift. She says I m helpless to stay alone, I need more courage at this time, I have to tell him about my first day at school, I can tell him when he calls. She calls Anirudh. Anirudh answers the call. She hears his voice. He hears her voice and says Bondita… She tries to talk and cries. He also gets emotional.

She ends the call and runs to her room. He says I have heard her voice and also know her silence, but why didn’t she say anything. She says I have fallen so weak. He says she has so much to talk always. She says I got so emotional, I couldn’t say anything. He says she would like to tell me a lot of things, why didn’t she say it, was she crying. He worries and says is she falling weak.

Anirudh goes to Trilochan and sees him crying. He gets the chess game and asks Kaka to play like before. FB shows Trilochan and Anirudh playing chess. Bondita comes there and helps Trilochan win. He says my bahu is lucky for me. She says prove it if you think I have helped Trilochan, you can’t blame innocent Bondita. Anirudh says I know you are innocent and you cheated me. She laughs and jokes on him. Trilochan laughs on hearing her. He says you have lost to her in argument today. Anirudh smiles seeing them laugh. He says I win when I lose to you, Bondita, when you win in my failure, I will lose many times, because I want to see you winning always. Trilochan smiles. Anirudh says you have won the chess, you have to smartly learn barristry. They laugh. FB ends. Trilochan refuses to play and goes. Anirudh says I wish you were here to convince Kaka, I wish you could help me, you can’t come here, but I can talk to you and ask how to convince Kaka. He goes after Trilochan. He calls the boarding school and asks can I talk to Bondita. The lady says sorry, I will ask her to call later, is it urgent, you may give the message to me.

Anirudh thinks she is alone there, its not right to make her worried for Kaka. He says no, its not urgent, I wanted to ask if she is fine, if she has some problem there. The lady says don’t worry, she is a brave girl, she will adjust in the boarding school easily. He says okay, thanks. He ends the call. Sampoorna hears this on the other line. She smiles and says she is in the hostel. The lady gets coffee for Bondita. Bondita says I don’t have coffee, Anirudh inspires me to study hard. The lady asks her to study well. Anirudh and Bondita think about each other. Rishta tera mera…plays… Sampoorna says I m glad that she has gone from this house, Trilochan is also in deep sorrow, its the right time to get the reign in my hand and become the sole owner of this haveli. The light goes. She sees a shadow and asks who is there. She goes out and sees Mami. She asks her to leave. Mami says no one would know. Sampoorna removes her bangles. Mami scolds her. She says I don’t want this, just tell me where is Bondita. Sampoorna says go now, I will come to meet you tomorrow. Mami leaves. Its morning, Bondita prays for the entire family. She sees the shoes and recalls Anirudh. Anirudh thinks of her. Sampoorna meets Mami. She says I m acting upset with you to get firm hold on the haveli. She asks Mami to have money and ration. Mami asks her about Bondita.

Sampoorna asks are you willing to take the reward kept on her, don’t get into this mess. Mami asks how did you change, I m your mum, you had hired that goon, I didn’t tell anyone. Sampoorna says I m the only owner of this haveli, Trilochan is also ill, once he dies, then entire haveli will be mine. Mami asks do you think Bondita won’t come back if he dies, our name won’t come in this, tell me the address, I will get half the reward, the goons will do what they have to. Sampoorna says I will not do this, I can’t end my entire game. Mami says Bondita will come back and get the locker keys, you will become a maid again, you will become the owner when Bondita dies. Sampoorna says I will be the queen of the haveli. She tells the address. Bihari shows the posters. Anirudh thinks villagers are getting more angry on Bondita, they are still after her life.