Barister Babu 7th June 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Anirudh saying you will be studying in London now, you will get the visa, very soon you will be there. Bondita asks really. He says yes, you have to act in front of Thakumaa. He teaches her how to act. They laugh. Rimjhim says Roopa is a man, we shall go and find Bondita. Thakumaa says I will go to find Roopa, you check the house if Roopa had stolen anything. Bondita says I will make a cup of coffee for you. Anirudh says I can have food. He asks her how will she have food in London. She says its tough to learn to have food with spoon and fork, fine but will I get sweets there. He says no. She asks how will I get inspiration to study. He says I will be there, I will make sweets for you. She laughs.

Rimjhim consoles Sumati. She says no jewellery is missing, don’t know what’s precious in Bondita that Roopa took her away. Shomik says I will be caught now. Rimjhim says we shouldn’t get caught. Shomik worries for Bondita. She says Thakumaa will find Bondita. Bondita says until you are with me, I have no fear, you are my real inspiration, real friend and real Lord. She touches his feet. Dur par tera saaya….plays…. She says I m nothing without you. Anirudh says I m nothing without you. They smile. Rimjhim asks Shomik to go and hide. Thakumaa comes. Sumati asks where is Bondita. Thakumaa says Roopa and Bondita didn’t go to the jungle. Sumati asks what, go and find Bondita, save her. Anirudh gets Bondita home. Tupur sees them back. She shouts Thakumaa and tells that they have come back.

Thakumaa says wait, Roopa will get alert if we confront, we won’t know why that man came here in a woman’s disguise, just stay quiet and see the drama. Thakumaa comes out of the house. She asks did the havan happen. Anirudh says yes. She taunts him. Bondita looks at everyone. She sees the blade in Rimjhim’s hand. She thinks Anirudh had used it, it means Thakumaa got to know Anirudh’s truth, I have to alert him. Thakumaa thinks his truth will come out today. Anirudh smiles. Bondita signs him to see Rimjhim with the shaving blade. Anirudh gets shocked.

Anirudh thinks she is going to pull my hair. He runs away. Thakumaa runs after him. Bondita thinks to tell Trilochan. She throws a stone at Trilochan’s window. Thakumaa shouts stop, you won’t get saved, I will catch you. Anirudh enters the place where women take bath. Bondita prays for him. Thakumaa catches his saree. During the chase, Anirudh falls into the deep water zone. Thakumaa gets shocked seeing the saree flowing in the pool. She shouts Roopa. She gets scared and says Roopa died by my hands. She comes back home.

Sumati says I asked Bondita where Roopa took her, but Bondita doesn’t remember anything, what happened, tell me. Everyone asks Thakumaa to get Roopa, or ask the police. Thakumaa shouts enough, don’t take Roopa’s name, else I will push the person in the lake like I pushed Roopa. Anirudh gets saved by Trilochan and Bihari. They pull Anirudh upwards with the rope. Trilochan says Bondita informed us, I m thankful to her.

Anirudh recalls Bondita thanking him for taking her to the lake for a bath. She says you are taking a big risk. Anirudh says yes, Trilochan worries for me. She says we should end this drama. He says no way, its not right to leave you alone. She says I don’t want us to get caught. She asks him not to go there, the water is deep. He says you think I can’t swim, nothing will happen to me. She says then change your skills into a plan. He asks what plan. She says if you think you will get caught, you run away and come here, I know Thakumaa will follow you, you show her that Roopa fell down in the deep waters, Thakumaa will come Roopa has sunk, until she comes down, you can swim and come out, we will alert Trilochan and Bihari in time to come here and help you. He likes the plan. FB ends. Anirudh says Bondita made a great plan, we tricked Thakumaa. Trilochan says we got to see Thakumaa’s scared face. He jokes and laughs. Anirudh asks what happened in the past that your relation is such. Trilochan says leave it, nothing, I m happy that you are fine, where did Roopa go. They laugh.