Barister Babu 9th June 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Anirudh saying you will send Bondita to meet me. Thakumaa says no way, I will never handover my family girls to the landlord’s family. He blackmails her. He says your secret will come out, if you stay in jail, then no one will be there to guard her, what will happen in your absence, I will explain Sumati about Bondita’s bright future, its upto you to agree or not.

Shomik and Rimjhim hug their daughters and cry. Thakumaa comes home and stops them from leaving. Bondita smiles. Thakumaa asks them to stay with her. Bondita thinks thanks Anirudh, you didn’t let my family break. Thakumaa clears the line she had laid to keep Anirudh away. She says I take my promise back, I won’t cut Anirudh’s hands if he comes to my place. Trilochan says its a miracle, you told something right for the first time. Anirudh looks on. He says now Thakumaa has to agree for the third condition, lets see. Sumati asks Thakumaa are you sending Bondita to Anirudh for studies, what did you talk to Anirudh that day. Thakumaa says don’t worry, change is constant. Bondita packs her bags. Anirudh gives Roopa’s belongings and asks Bihari to bury it somewhere. Bihari goes. Trilochan says your drama had made Thakumaa a puppet. Bihari leaves the saree there itself when Sampoorna calls him out. He later goes from the haveli. Anirudh says its enough now, I got to know that Bondita will come here, I can teach Bondita now and make her a barrister. Trilochan says yes, but Thakumaa shouldn’t change her word, she shouldn’t know that you were Roopa, she shouldn’t get any such proof. Thakumaa goes to put the clothes to dry. Bondita says let me do the work, I will do, I will miss you all, really. Thakumaa smiles. She goes.

Bondita sees the saree hanging to the railing. She says Thakumaa shouldn’t see it. She shouts to Bihari and Anirudh. She thinks to go out and tell them. Thakumaa goes out of the house. Roopa’s saree falls over Thakumaa. Thakumaa gets shocked seeing it stuck to the railing. She goes from there. Bondita asks Bihari about Roopa’s saree. Bihari says don’t worry, I have buried Roopa’s belongings and proof. Bihari goes home and prepares to welcome Bondita. Trilochan gets happy. Sampoorna asks is any guest coming. Trilochan says Bondita is coming, Anirudh can do anything for her, he has convinced Thakumaa. He goes. Sampoorna says I can’t believe this. Thakumaa gets the saree home. She says how did Roy choudhary’s get this saree. She recalls everything. She says lie doesn’t stay for long, that’s why I was thinking how did Anirudh got to know everything, he was here in front of my eyes, I stopped Bondita from meeting Anirudh, so he has come to my house in disguise to meet Bondita, see what I do now.

Bondita talks to Tapur and hugs her. She says I m leaving now. Thakumaa comes and taunts about the secrets. She says we will play a game, come. She takes Bondita out. Thakumaa asks Bondita to decorate the pot. She blindfolds Bondita. She gets Anirudh’s pic and asks Bondita to apply the bindi Bondita does it. Thakumaa makes Bondita give Roopa’s avatar to Anirudh’s pic. Bondita asks did the pic complete. Thakumaa says yes. Sumati gets shocked. Everyone looks on. Thakumaa asks Bondita to see it now. She removes the blindfold and says Bondita’s game is over now. Bondita gets shocked. Thakumaa slaps her. Bondita starts crying.