Bawara Dil 21st April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Bai tells Shiva that we can’t keep hiding this, I can’t keep saving you, we can’t lie for long, we have to find Sidhi. If some reporter reaches my home then my political career will end, we have to find her. She asks Shiva that Sidhi had a relationship with some guy before marrying you right? Shiva says yes, his name was Gaurav. He has been missing. Bai says your wife has run away with her lover. Shiva says I thought the same, I have asked Jalwa to find Gaurav in Pune. Bai says why are you trusting others? You will go to Pune, find Gaurav and bring Sidhi back. If you don’t find Sidhi there then beat him but find out where she is. Shiva nods and leaves.

Jhanvi is walking on the road when Narpat stops her. She rolls her eyes. Narpat says come to my car, I want to talk to you. Jhanvi ignores him but Narpat says I have to talk to you about Shiva. She stops.

Jalwa comes to Shiva and says I have found Gaurav, he has changed his house but lives in Pune.

Jhanvi tells Narpat that Shiva was a goon so my father got me married to someone else. Shiva used to live in a small house at that time. Narpat says Shiva was a roadside goon at that time, you found a rich guy and married him. Your ex-husband is still a big shot in Pune but he is your past, the truth is that you have divorced him and returned to this village. Shiva has also earned respect and money, now you want Shiva right? Jhanvi says you must have done your research? Narpat says it’s my duty to serve people so I know everything happening around me. Jhanvi says what do you want from me? Narpat says you can get what you want but you have to work hard, I can tell you what you have to do and when, just give your life’s control to me. I will make sure that you have a happy ending with your love. Jhanvi looks on.

Jalwa and Shiva come to Gaurav’s new house but it’s locked. A woman comes there. Shiva says you live here? She says yes. Shiva asks if she knows where Gaurav’s family is? She woman says his family left after their son’s marriage broke.

Shiva comes home. Soni rushes to him and asks if it’s the truth? She is saying that you have married her. Shiva is stunned and says who have I married now? Who is saying all this rubbish? Jhanvi comes there and says me. Shiva is confused. Jhanvi says I have told truth to everyone, I have told them that we got married in the mandir. She says why are we lying to everyone? We got married so why should we hide it? Shiva says what rubbish is this? Are you in sense? Jhanvi says you are calling our marriage rubbish? Why are you scared of your family? All look on. Jhanvi says they all deserve to know the truth. Shiva says what is all this? Jhanvi says I knew you would deny me in front of everyone so I have proof with me, proof of our marriage. She shows him a marriage certificate and says you forgot this too? Yashwant glares at Shiva and looks at the certificate. The flashback shows how Narpat planned all this. Yashwant asks Shiva what is all this? You didn’t even inform us? Shiva says nothing happened, she is lying. Yashwant says I don’t know how to trust you anymore, I always thought you wouldn’t cheat on relationships but you have proved me wrong this time too. Shiva asks everyone to go inside, I want to talk to Jhanvi alone. Yashwant says no, everything will be in the open now. Shiva says you always this is my house so you have to listen to me this time, please go inside. All leave from there. Shiva grabs Jhanvi and takes her aside. He says what is all this? When I used to love you, you married someone else and now this? Jhanvi says everything is fair in love and war, I want to get you, I love you a lot so I can lie to get you. Shiva says I don’t accept this, everything has changed, I am a married man now. Jhanvi says which marriage? did you marry her with your consent? No. I know it was forced upon you.

Mangala tells Yashwant that Shiva never forgot Jhanvi, they must have reunited so it’s good. Yashwant asks her to stop it, your son is married so another marriage is a crime. Mangala says but where is his wife? She didn’t care about this marriage and left with her lover. If she got kidnapped then kidnappers would have called but we didn’t get any call. That girl has run away with her lover, Shiva still loves Jhanvi so I accept this marriage and would support them.

Jhanvi tells Shiva that we both know the truth, I could have shown this marriage certificate to the village but I didn’t do it because I want to win you over because I love you a lot. The decision is in your hands, will you accept me in front of everyone after losing respect or accept me happily? Forget your marriage and accept me. We can start a new life. Shiva moves away from her and looks on. Jhanvi asks him to think about it. She smirks and leaves from there. Siva looks on.

Shiva is sitting alone and recalls Jhanvi’s words that he has to accept her anyway. Yashwant comes to him. Shiva says trust me, I didn’t marry her. Yashwant says I know, he sits down with him and says I thought you did a big mistake but then I thought about it more, I felt someone is doing all this. Someone put Sidhi’s posters first and then this girl came with a certificate. Someone is plotting against you, we have to be careful and break this trap. I am with you this time. Shiva looks on.