Bawara Dil 2nd April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

The priest tells Shiva and Sidhi that they will be together for life. Mangal asks him to not fool them, you just want money. Sidhi says I have to go for the prayers, she leaves. All go from there. Shiva’s sister comes to the priest and says I also want Shiva and Sidhi to be together, thank you. She gives him money as a tip. The priest says nobody can break their relationship.

Sidhi comes in the mandir, Narpat comes there so she asks what he is doing here? Narpat says I came here to meet you, I don’t know how you are living in that hell, you should be worried about your parents. Sidhi says I don’t want to talk to you, let me do my prayers. Narpat says I will pray that you get free from that animal Shiva, I am always with you. Sidhi looks on and goes from there.

Mangal and her family are waiting outside the mandir. Mangal’s brother says what if the priest was right? Mangal asks him to shut his mouth. Shiva comes there. Mangal asks where is the girl? Shiva says she is praying in the mandir. Mangal says I am tired. Shiva says you all can go home, I will come later on. Mangal says we can’t let you come alone with our daughter-in-law. Shiva says don’t worry. Mangal says I will stay with you, go and check on her. Shiva says okay and goes from there. Mangal says don’t know where that fool girl is.

Sidhi asks Narpat to leave her alone. Narpat says I want to help you as a brother. Shiva is looking for Sidhi in the mandir and says where is that mistress? Sidhi asks Narpat to leave her alone, she doesn’t need him. Narpat says I know you don’t trust politicians because of Akka Bai but I am your brother, you can trust me, I can do anything to get you justice. Sidhi tries to ignore him.

Shiva asks the priest where is the woman who was with me? He says she went with someone. Shiva is stunned and goes to check on her.

Sidhi tells Narpat that if my inlaws see you then it will be trouble. Narpat says your inlaws are animals, your husband should have been Gaurav, he was like my brother, I promised him to take care of you.

Shiva comes to Sidhi but sees her alone. He asks what she was doing here? All are waiting for you. Sidhi starts leaving but turns to see Narpat hiding there. Narpat nods at her.

Sidhi is in her home and recalls Narpat’s words. She recalls Gaurav’s death. Yashwant brings tea for her. She takes it and winces. Yashwant asks how she hurt her hand? Sidhi says I slipped in the mandir. Yashwant says poetry for her. Sidhi recalls how Malini used to say the same poetry. Yashwant says I am very happy that you are in Shiva’s life, you are the best girl for him. You know this mandir ritual teaches a couple to walk together in life, this wound would make relationships. Shiva is leaving the house so Yashwant calls him. Shiva says I am going to Akka Bai for work. Yashwant sees would on his arm and asks how this happened? Shiva looks on and says I got hit by a car. Yashwant says how did you both get hurt on the same day? Take care of each other, tend to each other’s wounds. Sidhi glares at Shiva. Yashwant leaves from there. Shiva looks at Sidhi and leaves.

Scene 2
Sarkar tells Bai that Shiva can’t protect you as he is just doing mistakes. Shiva comes there, Bai says I was waiting for you. Shiva says I went to the mandir because baba said so. Bai laughs and says are you in your wife’s hands now? Did she ask you? Shiva says it’s not like that. Bai says you are newly married, she is pretty so it’s fine. You have done the wedding so now it’s time for the honeymoon. She asks Bhavin to prepare for their honeymoon. Shiva says our relationship is not like that, you remember that 6 months talk? Bai says just think about today, you have to go on the honeymoon. Shiva says I can’t leave the country as I am on bail. Bai says I have blessed you so nobody can stop you, you can go anywhere. Shiva looks on. Bai says fine, if you don’t want to go abroad then go to Mahabaleshwar. Bai says your wife is very egoistic so make her lenient. Shiva says I can’t bear her and you want me to go on a honeymoon with her? Bai says I do everything for a reason, you might not understand it right now but you are going on a honeymoon and that’s final. Bai asks Bhavin to give a hard disk to him. Shiva takes it. Bai says protect it, you know police can raid anytime so I am trusting you, protect this more than your life. Shiva says don’t worry, I will protect it. Bai says now go on the honeymoon and tell me what you did there. She laughs at her own joke.

Jalwa meets Shiva and goes to his home. Shiva asks the mechanic to check his jeep. Sarkar calls Shiva and says I have some work, Shiva says what? The mechanic tells Shiva that he will need to take his car. Shiva gives his car to him and goes to Sarkar. Sarkar says I don’t remember what work I had. Bhavin says you wanted him to tie your shoelace. Sarkar sits on a chair and points at his shoes. Shiva looks on.