Bawara Dil 3rd August 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Sidhi rushes to the hospital. In the OT, Shiva’s heartbeat stops. Sidhi is running towards the OT while clutching her mangalsutra. It is about to fall down but Sidhi holds it tightly and comes outside the OT. She cries and prays for Shiva. Sidhi goes to the mandir and prays with Soni. Shiva starts breathing again. Soni prays for Shiva to bring him back, I won’t be able to live if something happens to him. The doctor comes out of the OT and says he just dodged death, we couldn’t do anything but it seems like God helped him. He is out of danger but he is still unconscious. He leaves from there. Mangala cries for Shiva. Sidhi hugs her and says nothing will happen to your son, he is strong. Mangala pushes her away and says you are responsible for all this. I saw you talking to Narpat before the competition, what did you plan before the competition? Vijiya says how can you blame her? Shiva is her husband and she saved his life. Mangala says she never accepted him as her husband, she is a bad shadow on my son, I wish she would leave him. Sidhi says fine, I will go away, I won’t let my shadow to be cast on him. Sidhi starts leaving but Yashwant arrives there and says where are you going? You can’t leave my Shiva. Sidhi hugs him and cries.

Scene 2
The doctor tells Yashwant that he can meet his phone. He goes to his room. The doctor says he is in Coma so try to talk to him, he can listen to you. Yashwant tells Shiva that your wife is strong, she saved you and fulfilled your promise of winning the competition. You have got a wife like yourself. Don’t make her cry this much and wake up. Sidhi hears all that and thinks he is assuming I saved Shiva’s life but I.. Yashwant calls Sidhi inside and asks her to sit with him, he cries and leaves. Sidhi sits beside Shiva. The doctor says this night is critical for him, he goes from there. Sonal comes outside the room and hears her. Sidhi cries and says I wish I could stop you from jumping in the river, somehow I am responsible for your condition, you will be fine right? Soni thinks this all happened because of me.

Akka Bai says Shiva is my biggest weapon so nothing should happen to him. Sarkar comes there and says you are worried who would be your loyalist if something happens to Shiva? You can rely on me. He falls down on the bed as he is drunk. Bai calls Bhavin and says call a make-up artist as I have to go to the hospital tomorrow so I should look like I have cried a lot for him.

In the hospital, Sidhi asks Yashwant to go home, I am sure that Shiva will wake up. I know it for sure. She asks where did Sonal go? He says she went out. Sidhi says I will go and look for her.

Jalwa comes to Sidhi and asks how is Shiva? She says he will be fine soon. Jalwa says I am responsible for all this, that Baja is a murderer, I told Shiva to not take part in the competition but he said he can’t move back. This is all my fault. Sidhi says no, at least you tried. Everything will be fine, God will make him fine. We have to be strong. She asks about Sonal. He says I didn’t see her. The villagers come to Sidhi and say we are all playing for Shiva. Sidhi smiles and goes to look for Sonal.

Sonal recalls how Shiva promised to help her. She goes to Akka Bai’s house and says I have to make everything fine now.