Bawara Dil 3rd May 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Sidhi looks at her torn books and says you have torn them. Shiva sSiays what are you saying? Sidhi says I am sure you have done this, don’t do this drama. Why did you bring my books, took me to the college when you had done this in the end? You act like this great man in front of everyone but I know your reality, you are a cheap and shameless man, you don’t see anything in front of your ego, you can stoop to any low and don’t care about anyone else. Shiva looks on. I want to tear this good image of yours in front of your family like you tore my books. I want to tell them that you don’t even deserve their love. Shiva says enough if you say another word then.. Sidhi says then what will you do? Yashwant comes there and says Sidhi you are alleging the wrong man. He brings them inside the house. Bunty and Bubblu are standing there shamefully. Yashwant says they both are the culprits. Sidhi and Shiva are stunned. Vijiya says I saw them outside Sidhi’s room, I tried to shoo them away but they got in and did that. Shiva gets angry and asks if they did all that? He shouts at them to answer. Bunty says we didn’t do anything. Mangala comes there and says don’t scold them. Yashwant says they have torn Sidhi’s books. Mangala scolds them and says come with me. She starts taking them and whispers to not take her name. Shiva says stop. Mangala gets tensed. He tells Bunty and Bubblu to never do something like this again, no one will be able to save you next time. Bunty and Bubble go from there. Sidhi looks on. Shiva sadly looks at her. Yashwant tells Shiva that it’s important to understand when to punish the kids otherwise they grow up without learning. He leaves from there.
Mangala brings Bunty and Bubblu to the kitchen and says if someone asks you then tell them that I have scolded you a lot but if you take my name then I wouldn’t give you pocket money. Yashwant comes there so Mangala starts scolding them. Yashwant asks them to leave, they go. Mangala says I wanted to beat them. Yashwant says don’t pretend in front of me at least. Mangala says you see my mistake in everything. Yashwant says when you try to destroy Shiva and Sidhi’s relationship, I will be a resistance in front of you, you are trying to break other relationships but it might affect our relationship so be careful, he leaves from there. Mangala says I won’t lose so easily, my plan might have failed but next time no one will be able to stop me.

Shiva is sitting in his room. Vijiya comes there and says I will get food for you. Shiva says I am not hungry. Sidhi is in the washroom and hears it. Vijiya says why not? Shiva says I can’t punish Bunty and Bubblu but I can punish myself. Vijiya says why would you remain hungry because of their mistake? I know you can’t sleep hungry, come I will get food for you. Shiva says I am not hungry and leaves from there. Sidhi looks on and thinks I scolded him so much for nothing, what to do now
Sidhi comes into the kitchen and prepares a food plate. Shiva is sitting outside the house when Sidhi comes there with a food plate. She sits beside him but he ignores her. Sidhi says please eat. Shiva is surprised at her soft tone but ignores her. Sidhi says I didn’t know, I blamed you without knowing the truth, did you feel bad? You should have, I am.. actually.. I mean.. I am sorry. Shiva is surprised to hear that and looks at her. She looks away. Yashwant sees them sitting together. Sidhi says an innocent man shouldn’t get punished. Shiva says now you remember this? You didn’t remember this when I was.. Yashwant sits with them and says if someone is accepting her mistake and is saying sorry then you should accept it and say it’s okay, you shouldn’t argue with her and insult her apology. He tells Sidhi that Shiva doesn’t have much brain so don’t mind him. He won’t eat like this, you will have to feed him. Sidhi is stunned. Yashwant says you both are stubborn. He asks her to make him eat. Sidhi offers food to him, Yashwant asks him to eat. Shiva takes the roti from her and eats. Yashwant says she didn’t eat anything so you can offer her food too. Shiva offers roti to Sidhi, she takes it and eats. Yashwant says that’s great, now you can share this plate as it will increase love between you which you both need a lot. He smiles and goes from there. Sidhi and Shiva are awkward. Shiva leaves from there. Sidhi sighs and looks at the food plate sadly. She starts eating, Shiva comes back with his own plate. ishq ki gustakhiyan plays. Shiva offers onion to her, she says no. They both eat. Shiva burps, Sidhi rolls her eyes.

In the morning, Soni is tensed. Jalwa asks what happened? Why did you call me? Soni says I feel like Shiva cares for Sidhi a lot, he just doesn’t accept it. Jalwa says yes, he was so worried when Sidhi was missing. Soni says he doesn’t show it but he cares a lot. Jalwa says he doesn’t want to accept it. Soni says I feel like there is something else in his heart for Sidhi. Jalwa says maybe you are right. Soni says they don’t get privacy in this house, they should spend some time in this house alone, they will talk and come closer when they are alone in the house. Jalwa says how will that happen? Soni says I have an idea.

Shiva is leaving the house, he calls Jalwa and says I am leaving the house. Jalwa says I am at Akka Bai’s house so I can’t meet you, I had some work. Shiva says so I will come there. Jalwa says no, there is a meeting going on and she had some work from you. Akka Bai asked for you to take a selfie with Sidhi. Shiva says why? Jalwa says she might want to give it to the press. You can say no to her. Shiva says no, I will get the selfie. Jalwa says great and ends the call. Shiva says what is this new problem.