Bawara Dil 4th March 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Shiva comes to the police station and asks why Narpat is here? my honor doesn’t allow me to be here. Narpat laughs and says you are just a servant. Shiva says you are a fox. Narpat says you are also a lioness’ servant. Shiva says I don’t want to answer you and waste my time. Shiva asks the inspector how he can help him? the inspector says Sidhi complained that you kidnapped her. Shiva says me? He looks at Sidhi and asks if she has any proof? The inspector asks Shiva to just answer his questions. Where were you last night? Shiva says I was in Pune yesterday. He shows receipts of toll, hotel room that he booked in Pune. He shows the pictures he took in Pune. The inspector says he was not in this village yesterday. Sidhi says that’s all a lie, he was here. Narpat says he brought all the proofs like he knew he would be blamed for all this? Shiva says I had to because people are trying to malign my name. Sidhi says he is lying, he kidnapped me.. Ishwar stops her. Shiva looks away from him. Ishwar says I have my answer, if Shiva was saying the truth then he wouldn’t be looking away from a father’s gaze, you will pay for your deeds. Shiva says you should have given this lesson to your daughter too, it’s better for you to stay away from the fire as it can burn you. Shiva starts leaving from there. Narpat says how can he leave like this? He can make fake receipts, he kidnapped Sidhi, he tells the inspector that if he didn’t take any action against Shiva then he will go against him. Shiva says Narpat is threatening an on-duty inspector? You can handle so I will leave.. Shiva starts leaving but a man comes there and slaps him hard.

Malini is at the house and cries. She says Shiva destroyed my daughter’s life. I knew something wrong was going to happen and it did. I am sure that Shiva will bear the brunt of his sins, Shiva will die a painful death, it’s my curse for him as a mother.

The inspector shouts at the man that how can he beat in the police station? He asks who is he? The man looks at Shiva and says I am his father, I am Yashwant Lashkare. He tells Shiva that I ignored your every mistake but playing with a girl’s honor? The inspector says Shiva has shown proof that he was not in this village, he was not here on the kidnapping day. Narpat asks Yashwant if he knows where Shiva was? Yashwant says I don’t know where he is, what he does and with whom. Shiva gets emotional and says wish you would get to know me so I wouldn’t be standing here. Yashwant sighs and leaves from there. Shiva goes too. Sidhi looks on.

Scene 2
Sidhi comes to her room and sees Gaurav calling her. She takes the call, Gaurav says I thought a lot about and I have realized that I can’t live without you, I love you a lot. Sidhi cries and says you thought I would lie to you? you doubted me, how could you? Gaurav says I am really sorry, I don’t know why I questioned you, I was being an idiot, I will make everything right. Can we meet? I am coming. Sidhi gets happy hearing that. Gaurav ends the call.

Narpat says to his goons that I thought this will trap Shiva and Akka Bai but he changed the game. He says first to make sure that Sidhi doesn’t get married to her fiance (Gaurav).

Sidhi comes to Ishwar and says Gaurav is coming to meet me. He is ready to marry me. She hugs him. Ishwar smiles and says that’s good news. Malini says God saved my daughter, I just pray that nothing wrong happens. Ishwar asks her to go and pray to God.

Gaurav is leaving his hotel when some goons come there. He asks what they want? He tries to leave but they grab him. The goon says you will marry Sidhi bhabhi? you will go against Shiva? They start beating Gaurav with sticks. All people look on. Gaurav faints there. The goons leave.

Sidhi is waiting for Gaurav and says where is he?

Jalwa tells Shiva that you destroyed Narpat’s plan today so skillfully. Shiva looks on and tells him to go home. Jalwa leaves.

Sidhi calls Gaurav but he doesn’t pick up. She says I am not feeling well, I hope he is fine. Sidhi gets a call and gets stunned. She says what? Malini comes there and asks what happened? Sidhi cries and says Gaurav… Malini asks what happened? Sidhi hugs her and cries.

Sidhi comes to the hospital and goes to Gaurav’s ward but he is not there. Sidhi asks the nurse about Gaurav but she says he just got discharged. Sidhi comes out and sees Gaurav’s parents taking him away. Yogita tells Sidhi to not even try to go near him, you have given him enough pain, we can’t lose our son because of you, we are taking him back to Pune, we don’t want to keep any relationship with you and your family. Don’t try to contact Gaurav again. Sidhi asks Gaurav to talk to her once. Gaurav ignores her. The ambulance drives away. Sidhi is heartbroken.

Akka Bai is sitting in her house. She asks Bhavin what happened in the village? Bhavin says Ishwar’s daughter was kidnapped. Akka Bai says if people are doing sins then that’s good because then I can act like a devi, I am with the women of this village. That will be a good tagline for the news. She asks him to give this task to Shiva. Bhavin says you don’t want to know who kidnapped her? Bai says I don’t care who did it. Bhavin says it was no one else but Shiva Lashkare. Akka Bai is shocked.