Bawara Dil 5th April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

All are sitting for dinner. Kaki calls Sidhi there as well. She asks her to eat. Mangal asks Shiva to go with her to the market for some sarees. Shiva says I have some work. Mangal asks where he is going? Shiva says Mahabhaleshwar. Kaka asks if he planned for his honeymoon? Mangal laughs. Shiva says yes, it’s a honeymoon plan, all are shocked. Sidhi is stunned and glares at him. Mangal asks him to go later on. Shiva says no, we have to leave tomorrow only. He glances at Sidhi. Mangal thinks that things are getting out of control. Soni sings a romantic song and teases Shiva. Sidhi angrily leaves from there. Shiva comes there so Sidhi asks how could he decide about the honeymoon? Shiva says I don’t even ask God so who are you? Sidhi says how could you think that I will go on a honeymoon with you? Shiva says it’s Akka Bai’s order so we have to go, we don’t have to look at each other there. Sidhi says I am not your or Akka Bai’s servant, I will decide where I have to go or not. I am not going to follow your orders. Shiva says what? Sidhi says you can’t understand English, I am telling you that I won’t follow your orders and you can’t force me. Sidhi gets a call and it’s Ishwar. He asks how is she? She says I am fine, you called at this time so are you fine? He says I was missing you, I feel peace when I hear your voice. Sidhi silently weeps and asks if everyone is fine? He says yes. Ishwar says Akka Bai called and said you both are going on a honeymoon? You should go as it will make your mood fine, everything will be fine soon, I know you are miffed with me and might never forgive me… I should end the call. He ends the call and Sidhi cries. Shiva looks on and says we have to leave tomorrow morning. He goes from there.

Sidhi is in her room and gets Narpat’s call. He says I just called you to ask if you are fine? Sidhi says everything was fine. Narpat says we have to fight a big battle. You know about that hospital matter right? Sidhi looks on. Narpat says Akka Bai has snatched farmers’ land and one farmer tried to do suicide. I want to fight for the farmers but I just need a hard disk that has all the proofs. I don’t know where that hard disk is. Sidhi recalls how Bai told Shiva that he will keep the land-related hard disk with him and how he had hidden it. Narpat says Bai has destroyed your and many lives, I want to fight her but I just need that hard disk. If you miss Gaurav then call me. Sidhi says whatever proof you need, I can give it to you. I know where that hard disk is. Narpat smiles and says God wants to finish that cruel Akka Bai. I will meet you soon. He ends the call and smirks. Sidhi says Shiva has given me a lot of wounds but he will pay back, this is the first step towards his destruction, he takes Akka Bai as a God but she will destroy him now.

In the nighttime, Sidhi is sleeping in bed. She wakes up and sees Shiva sleeping on the floor. She thinks tonight will be the last night of his peace. She silently tries to go to the cupboard but Shiva moves in his sleep. Sidhi takes off her anklet to create less noise but Shiva wakes up and asks what she is doing? She says I am just turning off an alarm. Shiva says are you trying to irritate me? Sidhi says you can sleep now, I have turned it off. Shiva says you are a madwoman. He goes back to sleep. Sidhi thinks I have to get this hard disk. She goes back to sleep.

Mangal is tensed and tells her brother that Shiva is going near that girl a lot. His brother says Bai did all this, asks her to cancel this honeymoon. Mangal says can I call her? He says yes, you are her would be inlaw. Mangal says yes, she calls Akka Bai. Bai sees Mangal calling and says this woman is a prick, she takes the call and screams on call that Bhavin don’t call me for no reason. She takes the call and asks Mangal how she called her? Mangal gets scared because of her anger and asks if she had a good welcome on holi? Bai says yes but I am working and don’t have time right now, she ends the call. Mangal says I couldn’t do anything, do something. Her brother says I will do something.

Sidhi is in the room and looks at the cupboard. She locks the door and opens the cupboard. She finds a hard disk there but Sonal comes there. Sidhi says I was looking for something. Sonal says just don’t mess with it as Shiva won’t like it, if you need help with packing then let me know. Sidhi says sure. Sonal leaves.

Mangal’s brother tells her that the only solution is to talk to Shiva. Mangal comes to Shiva and says I want to talk to you, you are leaving with your wife today? Today is a bad day so I am worried, this day is a bad omen so don’t go. Kaka says yes, it’s a black day. Yashwant comes there and says my son is leaving with his moon (Sidhi) so he will have light.

Sidhi takes the hard disk from the cupboard and calls Narpat. She says I have the hard disk against Akka Bai. Narpat laughs and says really? Sidhi says whatever you need from it, take it from this and give the hard disk back to me. Narpat says I will send my man right now behind your house. Sidhi says okay and thinks I have to send this hard disk to Narpat at any cost.