Bawara Dil 5th August 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Sidhi comes to her room and cries. She imagines Shiva coming there and tries to be happy. He says you wanted this right? You can turn off the lights if you want now. Sidhi breakdowns and says you knew everything, you knew Baja could hurt you but you still went ahead? For Sonal right? I didn’t trust you, I thought you wouldn’t do anything for Sonal, please forgive me, I am your culprit. She realizes that she was imagining him and cries. Sidhi wipes her tears and says remember what Maa said. She calls the police.

Mangala opens the door to see the police coming there. The inspector says we have to find out what happened with Shiva. Mangala says his only enemies are Narpat and this Sidhi. She is always against our happiness, she must have done something with him. Vailash says Narpat called her before the competition. Mangala says I saw Narpat talking to Sidhi before the competition so she must have planned all this with him. Vijiya says Sidhi saved Shiva so don’t say all that. The inspector says you jumped in the river so how did you get to know he was in trouble? Sidhi says I know these answers are important and I have them. I saw the umpire giving a knife to that Baja and they were smirking at Narpat. She says Narpat didn’t want Shiva to win the competition so he brought a man like Baja for the competition, you know Baja’s history by now. Mangala says if you knew all this then why didn’t you say anything? Sidhi says I didn’t know about Baja but Jalwa told everything to Shiva, still he jumped in the river to win it. Mangala says why was Narpat calling you then? Sidhi says Narpat was trapping me, he said that how could I agree with Sonal and Sarkar’s wedding? The inspector thanks her and leaves.

Sidhi sits with Shiva in the hospital room. Shiva is still in a coma. Sidhi says you know I saw a man harassing a girl in the market and I filed a complaint against him. I have made a bad image of him in my mind since then. But then I saw that same man fighting for his sister, he put his life in danger for his sister. I just want to understand you, do I take you as a goon or a protector? I kept thinking wrong about you but now you are here and people are praying for you. I don’t have answers, will you answer me? We don’t listen to each other and that’s why Narpat fooled me. I will not spare him. He tried to kill you but he can’t be free, he will threaten me but I know you are with me, I know you will protect me if I get in trouble.

Akka Bai comes to the hospital. She has some sad makeup on her face. She gives her interview to the media but Yashwant comes there so all media people go to him. Bai says they are all focusing on Shiva’s father and not me, it shows that Shiva is becoming more popular which I can’t let happen.

Sidhi holds Shiva’s hand and says promise me when you wake up, you will punish me? Her tear falls on his hand. She says I will punish Narpat, I just have to find out some proof against him. I don’t care even if I get hurt but I will get justice for you. She sees Shiva’s hand moving, he grabs her hand. Sidhi gets happy and goes to call the doctor. She comes out and tells Yashwant and he held my hand. The doctor goes and checks him. He says Shiva is not awake, his hand might have moved naturally. Bai says Sidhi won’t lie, if she is saying that he is awake then he is so check him. The doctor says his hand moved as an instinct. Bai says how dare you to talk to me like this? I am Akka Bai so be within your limits. This hospital is not good we will shift Shiva to Mumbai. She tells Sidhi that don’t worry, we will handle everything. She asks Bhavin to take the doctor away. Yashwant stops Bhavin and says I am Shiva’s father, she is Shiva’s wife so we will decide where Shiva will get treated. He will get treated in this hospital only. If anyone tries to interrupt his treatment then I will throw them out of the hospital. Bai glares at him and thinks I just care about that coconut and not Shiva. I will teach a lesson to this family soon. She says it’s useless to bang a head on the wall. She goes out of there and gives some instructions to Bhavin. Sidhi thinks I have to manage things soon, we are surrounded by enemies and Soni can take any drastic step. She goes out of the wardroom and hears Bhavin calling the priest and says we have taken out the coconut from the river so just announce the results. Sidhi hears it and says that coconut is the last card.

The family members pray for Shiva. Sidhi holds the coconut and says I did everything for Sonal but I should be punished. Give me a punishment that you seem fit for me.