Bawara Dil 8th June 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Sidhi comes into the kitchen and hugs Vijiya. She says your balm has made my eye recover early. Vijiya says it’s good that I learned these things from my mother. Sidhi thanks her and asks where is Soni? Vijiya says she must be studying. Sidhi says I will go and check on her.

Malvi is teaching Soni and says you can read your book so you become self-dependent. Malvi sees Shiva there on call and goes to him. He turns and asks if he is disturbing them? Malvi says not at all, you are making things easier. Soni says I don’t understand anything. Malvi asks her to keep reading. She tells Shiva that dark colors suit you. Sidhi comes there and sees them together. Shiva tries to leave but Malvi mistakenly pours tea on him. She says I am sorry, you can take off your shirt. He says I am fine. Malvi goes to Soni. Sidhi comes there and says you wanted to take off your shirt? Shiva says what? Is your eye fine now? Sidhi says yes I can see everything now. You must be worried now? You wanted me to keep lying on the bed. Shiva says why are you angry? Sidhi says are you liking this tea stain? Do you want to change the shirt or what? Soni comes there and says I see something burning. Sidhi glares at her and asks Shiva to go and change his shirt. He leaves. Soni asks how to spell jealousy? Sidhi asks her to go. She thinks I am worried about Soni.

Yashwant comes home and has a wound on his foot because of a nail in the mandir. Sidhi rushes to him and asks what happened? Malvi says this is bleeding, he should go to the hospital. Sidhi asks her to focus on Soni only, this is my house so I will handle everything. Just be in limits. Malvi nods and leaves. Sidhi gives first aid to Yashwant. He says it’s a small wound. Sidhi scolds him and says you need to get an injection. Soni says he can never take an injection. Yashwant says I can do anything but I can’t take an injection. Sidhi says this is important, you will get an infection. Yashwant says I don’t need it. Sidhi says I won’t argue with you, you have to take an injection, everyone does what they want in this house, I will scold you more, men in this house don’t know what’s right or wrong. Shiva looks on. Yashwant says don’t scold me, I will take an injection. Soni and Shiva are stunned. Soni says no one has been able to make him agree till now. Sidhi asks him to go to the doctor. Shiva says I will take him. Yashwant says I can go himself, he leaves from there. Shiva thanks Sidhi. She says I shouldn’t have talked to him like that, he loves me a lot. Shiva says you have been scolding everyone today so it’s fine. He gets Bai’s call and leaves. Mangala comes there and says I never talked to my husband like that and you were shouting at him? I won’t spare you. She leaves from there. Shiva comes there and asks what she was saying? Sidhi says she was thanking me.

Yashwant is praying in the mandir. Soni comes there and checks that he has a fever. She asks him to go and take some medicine. Yashwant says I had an injection so it’s fine, no one should know that I have fever. Soni says you are fine right? He nods. Sidhi comes there and asks what’s going on? Yashwant says I was asking her to study hard. Sidhi says I am really sorry for talking that way yesterday, I shouldn’t have scolded you. Yashwant says your scolding had love and care so it’s fine. Sidhi says you are not miffed right? Yashwant says if you want then I am forgiving you. He leaves from there. Sidhi asks Soni how is your studies? Soni says my teacher just focuses on Shiva and not me. Sidhi says I will talk to her. Soni says you know what I am talking about right? Sidhi says what? Soni says what’s the spelling of jealous? Sidhi says focus on your studies. Soni laughs and runs from there. Sidhi says why am I getting jealous? She prays to lord to give some brains to Shiva.

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